Jan. 20th, 2012

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I've been working on the revisions for my novel. Hopefully these will be the last changes that I have to make in it. I was hoping to get them done today and back to my editor, but then I hit a big chunk of changes that she wants. It's 1200 words that I didn't want to cut back on since it set a scene, and I did a ton of research to make the setting accurate. Luckily the editor and I figured out how to make the setting work by bringing a character from later on in the book into it. This compromise saved the scene and the character from oblivion.

With the work on the novel, there just hasn't been any space in my brain for fandom and fanfic. I've been RPing because it always helps to clear my head, and sometimes those LJ tags are needed to get my brain going.

I will have Dead Man's Hand done by the end of January (probably sooner), and then I can get back into some fun stuff and writing my next novel.

In case you were wondering how I feel about SOPA/PIPA, here it is. I understand not wanting to have your creations stolen. But I do not see writing Fanfic or making memes as stealing intellectual property. While I don't want people pirating my novel when it's been released, and I would LOVE to see fanfic with my characters.


I think what the Entertainment industry and their friends need to get through their head is that they charge too much for movies at the theater and to buy legal downloads. The music industry got the hint. They made digital music cheaper than CDs. Why should I pay over $10 for a movie ticket? Why should I pay over $15 for a digital version of a movie? And don't give me that crap that you have to charge more because of piracy. I buy a lot of television series on DVD and legal digital downloads because $2 an episode is a reasonable amount. $15 and up for a movie is bullshit.

You charge more because you are greedy! People wouldn't be stealing your shit if you didn't make it so expensive.

Why is it more money to buy the ebook version of a book than it is to buy the paper edition? Why are the big publishers hamstringing Amazon and other etailers by not allowing them to sell ebooks cheaper? Because they are GREEDY. Want to know why small publishers and self-published writers are doing so well? Because they want people reading the stories more than they want to line their pockets.

I think SOPA/PIPA are bullshit too, because they can be abused to hurt the fans. You want to fight the pirates, then you need to make it less profitable to steal. You need to lower your prices so that people can afford to buy your product. Don't keep shitting on your customers and fans.


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