Mar. 25th, 2012

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Character Meme from [ profile] paynesgrey:

1. Leave a comment to this post!
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters whose names begin with that letter, and your thoughts on each. The characters can be from books, movies, or TV shows

She gave me 'M'.

1 - Malcolm Reynolds: I had no intention of liking Firefly. It was on FOX, so I knew it was doomed. But then I saw Mal kick Niska's minion through Serenity's engine, and I fell in love. He was like a more kick ass version of Han Solo, and Mal had much better taste in women. Inara trumps Leia any day of the week. I have RP'd and ficced Mal. He is one of my top favorite characters of all time. I think I rewatch Firefly a couple of times a year, and I know every single line by heart.

2 - Merlin: My favorite version of Merlin is from the Arthurian books by Mary Stewart. I read the Crystal Cave so many times when I was a kid. He was intelligent, mysterious and so messed up. His devotion to Arthur was incredible. Stewart's version ruined me for any other incarnation until Showtime's Camelot last year. While Stewart's was the Merlin of my childhood, Camelot's is my grown up version of Merlin. I wish the show hadn't been canceled.

3 - Moya: Moya was the living ship where John Crichton ends up after going through the worm hole on Farscape. Moya partners with Pilot to travel through space. She was a slave to the Peacekeepers and suffered at their hands. She's sentient, and if she doesn't want to go someplace, she won't go there. She's tough and cares about the fugitives who fly with her.

4 - The Master: The Doctor Who version not Buffy. I've watched the Doctor off and on since Tom Baker, and the Master was such an awesome villain even back then. The Harry Sims version is a delight to watch, and I still hear the drums. He's just so wonderfully bat shit crazy evil, but he's funny as hell too. I think Crowley on Supernatural owes a lot to the Master.

5 - Methos: Death, Death on a Horse. "I didn't do it for revenge. I did it because I liked it, and I was good at it." I was a big Highlander fan well before Methos joined the show, but once he did it was magic. Every single little glimpse we had of what made Methos who he was, was fascinating. When they brought in the Four Horsemen, and his relationship with Kronos, I was captivated. I think Methos was the first morally gray character to get to me. Before him you were either a good guy or a bad guy, but Methos taught me to love those who walk the balance. I miss the Old Man.

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