Mar. 26th, 2012

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Much love to [ profile] empath_peter for being my partner.

I am sharing the Best Villain title with [ profile] ntjstawtchmkr because he is the best Sylar on Twitter as far as I'm concerned and a good friend.

Also congrats to [ profile] healerclaire for getting Best Female, [ profile] vampire_peter for being the best OC, and [ profile] empath_peter for being voted Funniest Heroes RPer.
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It's been almost 2 years since I posted this, so I thought I'd update it for my new friends.

What's your name?: Lee Jay Stura

Your Sign: I was born in the Year of the Rat. I'm also a Leo.

Where do you live?: San Diego, CA.

Do you have a job?: I freelance web design and write real novels. My first novel is coming on April 18, 2012, and it's called Dead Man's Hand.

How much RP experience do you have?: I've been RPing on line for 10+ years. I started in a BPEM game that was a Buffy/Highlander crossover. My first canon character was Giles. My first Paper/Dice RP was AD&D. I started that in College where I played with the head of the chemistry/biology departments for my DMs. My first character there was a paladin. I know me Lawful Good! *snorts* My last paper/dice game was Vampire the Masquerade. Sadly my real life group finally curled up and died this past winter due to too many married members, and ST burnout.

What are your feelings about shipping?: If the characters feel right together I'm all for it. I say there's chemistry there if an RP'd kiss gives you butterflies. If an RP kiss gives you the willies, RUN AWAY.

What are your feelings about smut?: Would you believe that until a few years ago I didn't write/RP smut or slash? Now I love it as long as there is an emotional connection with the characters. NOT WITH THE PLAYERS. I don't get nervous about writing it or RPing it as much as I used to, but it is hard to make it new and interesting. I prefer not to do a ton of it because of that.

Are there things you won't RP?: I will never again get into an RP situation because someone is lonely, and I feel sorry for them. I have broken muses by forcing them into relationships that had no chemistry out of pity. Never ever again will I do that.

What are your favorite things to RP?: I love writing Sylar killing or mind fucking someone. Bring on the snark!

What's something you wished would get RPed more?: If I RP'd more, I'd get nothing else done. I love exploring the background of characters and RPing flashbacks or missing scenes a lot.

Are you plot driven?: A plot doesn't have to be written in stone, but there has to be a story of some kind. I do not want to spend all day RPing smut. If I wanted to do that, I'd sit in cyber rooms.

Slow or fast tagger: I'm fast unless real life's gone to shit.

Who are your active Fandoms? Heroes, American Horror Story, Covert Affairs, Alphas and White Collar.

Your favorite muses to write?: [ profile] sylar in all his canon or AU glory is my boy.

[ profile] italianeaglesct has amazingly grown to be a favorite. Annoying little Petrelli brat, but that's probably because he's AU not canon. If I did a canon Peter, he'd have to be S4 or Future Peter. Update: I do now RP a S1 canon Peter, and he is so emotional! He does stupid shit, but he's fun. I tried [ profile] tarnishedhero for awhile as well, but sadly Future Peter is just too damned depressing to keep going for long.

Since that last time I did this, I've started writing for [ profile] chad_warwick who is quite possibly the bossiest Muse that I've ever had. I've begun to like writing normal things with Chad.

Why did you start RPing? Why do you RP?: I started RPing because I lived in the mountains in Hawai'i, and there was nothing to do. I'd drive 30 miles into town to play D&D on Saturday nights with a bunch of college professors, a Coast Guard guy and a carpenter. I was the only girl for a very long time.

Online just happened by accident, and I kept it up because it was a great place to practice my craft. Getting a BA in Journalism pretty much ruined my creative writing skills, and RP really helped me remember how to do that.

I RP because I love to explore my characters, and I love the friends I've met while doing it. For every stalker/asshole I've dealt with, I've made half a dozen great friends.


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