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This is long overdue, so this will be a long update. I've been busy off and on with my novel, and I've been a bad mun about taking care of my muse. You'd think that getting the actual Sylar LJ would be enough for him, no?

Face to Face - told from the prey's POV
The Reason - Gabriel Gray ficlet
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - kid Gabriel
Painting the Roses Red - Sylar fic
Memories - Sylar fic
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Sylar and Luke fic
Go Away Sylar - Wall Fic

The Corruption of Peter Petrelli - not quite finished yet.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

Missing Scene Christmas Ficlets - these are intertwined.
A Gabriel Gray Christmas - Gabriel
The Road Home - Noah Bennet
A Mother Knows - Angela Petrelli

Time to Kill - Sylar and Future Hiro - 5YG - Three Parts (maybe Four)
Part One
Part Two

Role Playing
[livejournal.com profile] rp_shadesofgray
Sylar and [livejournal.com profile] graylikeme still haven't gotten to go home to the Clocktower, but they are getting closer. They've gotten the antidote and cure to Mohinder's poison that robbed them of their powers thanks to Walker Bishop, Chandra and Mohinder. Who knew that the Suresh Family could be so helpful?

Knowing that he and Gabe are no longer the top of the food chain has forced Sylar to regain control of the Phoenix. It seemed the logical choice. By being in charge no one will suspect that he's got so few powers. He and Gabe can learn powers from the prisoners on Level 5 as well as from the specials who work there.

There are a few flies in the ointment though. Another Noah has arrived, and he thinks Sylar is killing - which he isn't.

Then there's the problem of seeing Angela out of the corner of his eyes as she gives him advice on how to rebuild his life. He's thinking about seeing someone about that little problem.

[livejournal.com profile] heroesreduxrpg
Men in Black Verse - Agents Sylar and Peter have gone out for a day off. They've been to the zoo and have been having a lot of fun driving the agents tailing them nuts. Sylar's teaching Peter about Mexican food, and they'll be hitting a comic shop on the way back to the Company. Sylar has it bad for Peter, and Sylar knows it. Too bad Peter doesn't have a clue.

Dark Side - Peter has corrupted Sylar, letting his monster run rampant. Soon they'll be going back to the Company to take out the men who dared to attack Peter. Sylar's practically drooling.

Another Brick in the Wall - Sylar and Peter have an uncomfortable afternoon when Peter comes home early to find Sylar wearing only a towel. There's some serious talk when Peter finds out that Sylar's never had a real relationship before, and he's in no mood to be one of Peter's conquests - especially since he's the last man on earth.

Twitter -
Been RPing there with @vampire_peter @empath_peter and @impeterpetrelli.
Won a few Roleplaying Awards while I was at it too.

The Real Me - MEME


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