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Character: Sylar and Parkman
Genre: Gen
Author: [ profile] sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1000+
Rating: R - for language
Prompts: Meme #4 On the Road Again for [ profile] a_muse_meme
Notes: Shortly after headSylar and Parkman hit the road during Season 4. This is after murdering the tow truck driver and well before the Burnt Toast Diner.

backseat driver from hell.... )
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11 - Drama Llamas & Trouble Makers - I will not be objective. I play with a very tight group of friends. These are people that in most cases I've been RPing with for years. I can trust my RP partners with my back, and I know they trust me with theirs. If I've invited you into my inner circle, it's because I trust and respect you. It means that I like you as a person, and I think you're a good RPer. But if I find out you've gone out of your way to cause drama, and you've hurt one of my friends, I will be done with you. PERIOD. I take sides.


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