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Character: Sylar and Hiro
Genre: Gen
Author: [ profile] sylar
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1064
Rating: R for violence
Notes: This is set right after the events of Five Years Gone. Character death - d'uh.

Part One
Part Two

Hiro’s resolve crumpled like a ball of foil. His hatred shifted from me to self-loathing. If I wasn’t careful, the pain in the ass would kill himself like a good samurai should. For a second I thought he was going to faint. He wavered on his feet. His sword lowering for a few seconds while he processed what I told him, I had to keep it up. I didn’t want him to catch his bearings, but I didn’t want to simply carve him open either. I wanted him to suffer.

“Just think of it, Hiro.” I waved a hand toward the strings and the picture window that had somehow survived even though it had a view of ground zero. “All of the times you jumped back and forth in time to stop me; I wasn’t who you should have been fucking with. It was Peter. Precious Peter Petrelli was the bomb. He destroyed the world.”


“Me…what?” I’m a killer? Yes, I am, Hiro. But here’s something else for you to think about. Did it ever occur to you that you should’ve helped me?” I moved closer to him while I spoke, using my telekinesis to glide slowly toward him instead of walking. I might be able to teleport, but I could move silently.

“Why would I help you? How many people have you killed, Sylar?”

“To tell the truth I sort of lost track.” That’s another lie. I remember every single person that I took the time to kill myself…well the specials anyway…collateral damage not so much. “But I didn’t kill millions because I couldn’t control my power. I also didn’t make being special a crime. That was Peter’s brother. You know the President? He had us locked up.” I was within sword reach when I stopped moving. Flicking on Rene’s power, I locked Hiro in place. Now wouldn’t that be a surprise when he found that out? “Angela Petrelli knew about it too. She could dream the future, so she told Nathan that Peter was the bomb. She told Nathan that all that dead would make him the most important man in the world. He let his brother explode. You helped Peter explode by stopping me. Want to know what else Nathan was up to?”

“How do you know these things?” He demanded. His lips tightened into a thin line as he but on his brave face.

“It was easy. I took the place of someone important in the White House. That’s where I’ve been hiding, Hiro. Right under Nathan’s fucking nose.” I smiled a wolfish grin. Poor Hiro. His head was swimming. I did a quick read of him. His mind was filled with scenes of his time traveling adventures to kill me. “Nathan’s final act, the one that made me show myself was the worst. He had Suresh make a serum that would take away our abilities. That’s what he was going to use on the Hiro from the past.” God knows if this one even knows about him. I have no idea where/when he came from.

“I will kill you.” Hiro practically growled at me, swinging his blade in a arc that would have easily cut my arm off if it weren’t for the shield I’d wrapped myself in. He blinked and charged again. The katana caught the light as he tried to make me bleed. He’d lost it. I could drink a cup of his rage, and I loved it.

“That’s better!” I shouted at him. “Kill me. Fight back.”

And he did. He was sputtering mad, too angry to try to freeze time or teleport around the loft. That was a minor disappointment. I wanted him to know that his powers wouldn’t work. His katana sliced through the air once more, and I brought up my hand, catching the blade and sending electricity coursing through the folded steel. I pressed the advantage, chuckling as the power surged through him, making his entire body quake with pain and muscle spasms.

If I kept it up, his heart would stop, and I didn’t want that. I pushed him away with more telekinesis, yanking the katana out of his grip. I flipped the sword around, taking the hilt in my hand. I looked at the broken helix symbol that was embossed on the wrapped leather and ran my fingertip over it while Hiro twitched in a heap on the floor. I took a few practice swings and smiled at him as his eyes blinked a few times while he fought his way back to consciousness.

“Nice sword. I can see them all.” I approached him slowly, still blocking his ability. There’d be no escape for him this time. “All the people who died by its edge since it was forged. There are so many of them, but then it is a very old sword. And you put it to good use, didn’t you?” I held it out at arm’s length, and used it to cut a line across his forehead. Hiro bit his lips, holding back a cry of pain and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to teleport away, while the blood ran down his face. “That won’t work.”

“The Haitian isn’t here,” he spat out, using his sleeve to wipe the blood out of his eyes. “He’s dead.”

“He didn’t die before I learned his ability, Hiro.” I lunged forward, plunging the blade through his chest above his heart and below his collarbone, making sure that it was angled down far enough to avoid his shoulder blade when it came through his back and pierced the wall. ‘It’s fitting, don’t you think?”

“What’s fitting, you monster!?” He said with a snarl. His fingers curled around the katana as he tried to pry it loose from the wall, but I’d pushed it in deep. He’d have to cut himself in half to get free.

“That the person who’s stepped on so many butterflies without a care in the world would end up pinned like one on a board.” I stepped right up to him, hunkering down on my heels and ran my finger through the cut on his forehead. “I don’t think this is quite deep enough, do you?”

He finally screamed when I started to cut into his skull. I was grinning like the Cheshire Cat when I felt the power click into place. “Game over, Hiro. I win.”


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