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This is long overdue, so this will be a long update. I've been busy off and on with my novel, and I've been a bad mun about taking care of my muse. You'd think that getting the actual Sylar LJ would be enough for him, no?

Face to Face - told from the prey's POV
The Reason - Gabriel Gray ficlet
Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep - kid Gabriel
Painting the Roses Red - Sylar fic
Memories - Sylar fic
No More Mr. Nice Guy - Sylar and Luke fic
Go Away Sylar - Wall Fic

The Corruption of Peter Petrelli - not quite finished yet.
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six
Part Seven

Missing Scene Christmas Ficlets - these are intertwined.
A Gabriel Gray Christmas - Gabriel
The Road Home - Noah Bennet
A Mother Knows - Angela Petrelli

Time to Kill - Sylar and Future Hiro - 5YG - Three Parts (maybe Four)
Part One
Part Two

Role Playing
[ profile] rp_shadesofgray
Sylar and [ profile] graylikeme still haven't gotten to go home to the Clocktower, but they are getting closer. They've gotten the antidote and cure to Mohinder's poison that robbed them of their powers thanks to Walker Bishop, Chandra and Mohinder. Who knew that the Suresh Family could be so helpful?

Knowing that he and Gabe are no longer the top of the food chain has forced Sylar to regain control of the Phoenix. It seemed the logical choice. By being in charge no one will suspect that he's got so few powers. He and Gabe can learn powers from the prisoners on Level 5 as well as from the specials who work there.

There are a few flies in the ointment though. Another Noah has arrived, and he thinks Sylar is killing - which he isn't.

Then there's the problem of seeing Angela out of the corner of his eyes as she gives him advice on how to rebuild his life. He's thinking about seeing someone about that little problem.

[ profile] heroesreduxrpg
Men in Black Verse - Agents Sylar and Peter have gone out for a day off. They've been to the zoo and have been having a lot of fun driving the agents tailing them nuts. Sylar's teaching Peter about Mexican food, and they'll be hitting a comic shop on the way back to the Company. Sylar has it bad for Peter, and Sylar knows it. Too bad Peter doesn't have a clue.

Dark Side - Peter has corrupted Sylar, letting his monster run rampant. Soon they'll be going back to the Company to take out the men who dared to attack Peter. Sylar's practically drooling.

Another Brick in the Wall - Sylar and Peter have an uncomfortable afternoon when Peter comes home early to find Sylar wearing only a towel. There's some serious talk when Peter finds out that Sylar's never had a real relationship before, and he's in no mood to be one of Peter's conquests - especially since he's the last man on earth.

Twitter -
Been RPing there with @vampire_peter @empath_peter and @impeterpetrelli.
Won a few Roleplaying Awards while I was at it too.

The Real Me - MEME
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I created this LJ to RP Sylar 4 years ago on October 17, 2007. I hadn't intended to write fanfic, yet here I am with close to 200 fics listed in the tag. They aren't all Sylar's. I think maybe 10 are for other muses since I wanted to spread the love for my Peter, Nathan, Alphas and Auggie fics too.

This is the longest I've ever kept a single muse going, and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. The fics might be further apart, but they are longer. Sylar's complexity still fascinates me, and I love exploring what makes him tick.

I'd like to thank everyone who's read my fics and commented in this LJ over the years. I appreciate you more than I can say.

I'd also like to thank Zach Quinto for making Sylar and Gabriel a part of my life, and for waking up a very demanding and possessive muse.

Much love to you all -
The Watchmaker
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Fan Fic
Fire and Ice Part Four
Fire and Ice Part Five I need to get back to this fanfic. I like the alternate 'verse that it's set in a lot.
Pervert This is an X-Files/Heroes crossover crack fic. I wrote it for [ profile] rp_shadesofgray, and had to share it here too.
Virginia Gray's Mission This is my first Alphas fic, so I did a crossover where Virginia decides to set up a blind date between Gabriel and Rachel Pirzad. I need to write up the date soon too.
A Moment in Time Missing scene after the murder of the Walker Family during Season One.
House of Mirrors Sylar and Emma fic that takes place right after the end of the series. This one won Second Place on [ profile] heroes_contest.
One Saturday Afternoon This is a little slice of life fic for Gabriel Gray before Chandra walked into his shop.
Creeping Death In this one Sylar kills Rachel Pirzad from Alphas. I adore Rachel, but the muse wanted her power.
I Couldn't Breathe AU Season Two fic where Sylar kills Maya and Alejandro shortly after crossing the border into the US.

Role Playing
[ profile] rp_shadesofgray
After escaping from Nathan's goons, Gabe [ profile] graylikeme and Sylar [ profile] thewatchmaker went to Gabe's shop to sort things out. They called [ profile] gabrielisgray and asked for his help. Gabriel invited his Sylar [ profile] talldarknpsycho along since he had healing, and [ profile] thewatchmaker was dying from his infected gunshot wound. They come up with a plan to kidnap Mohinder [ profile] chase_evolution and bring him to Walter Bishop [ profile] walterscience who is a friend of [ profile] gabrielisgray.

[ profile] talldarknpsycho had a little surprise when he watched [ profile] thewatchmaker and [ profile] graylikeme kiss, so he asked to talk to [ profile] thewatchmaker about his own feelings for [ profile] gabrielisgray. There's just one problem, and his name is Peter [ profile] empath_peter who [ profile] gabrielisgray is dating.

Gabe [ profile] graylikeme and Sylar [ profile] thewatchmaker find a crappy hotel to stay in for the night. The two talk about the hunger, their fears and how much their lives suck. They have a fight when Gabe tells Sylar that he doesn't want Regen, and he doesn't want to hunt for powers anymore.

The next morning, Gabe calls Mohinder to set up a breakfast date. Mohinder thinks that Gabe [ profile] graylikeme is Gabriel [ profile] gabrielisgray, so he's thrilled to meet him and talk. Sylar hears enough of Mohinder's crap and takes him out violently while Gabe keeps them hidden in an illusion.

Sylar and Gabe deliver a Mohinder burrito to Walter at Massive Dynamics. It's not pretty when Sylar loses his shit about what Mohinder's done to him either. Sylar hopes that Walter experiments on Suresh.

Sylar realizes the place they'll be the most safe is at Phoenix since Krycek owes him for putting him in power there. The problem is that the building is full of specials, and that's making Sylar hungry. He also wants Regen, and he wants it now.

[ profile] heroesreduxrpg
(Group #7) Agents Gray & Petrelli
Noah [ profile] bag_and_tag drops by to talk to Sylar about his mission with Peter. Somehow they manage not to get nasty with each other, and no blood is shed.

(Group #10) Evil Peter 'Verse
Gabriel, who has pretty much turned to the darkside, has to protect Peter [ profile] empath_peter from conspirators within the Company. But it's not so bad. He's been given permission to cull the herd.

(Group #12) Hundreds of years after I am Become Death's reality.
Peter gets captured by one of the Overlords, and Sylar has to rescue him. Peter's got a lot of crow to eat after this one. Sylar has a blast running amok though.

(Group #15) The Wall
Peter [ profile] empath_peter's constant banging on the Wall is driving Sylar more insane if that's even possible. They have an emotional confrontation at Peter's apartment.

(Group #19) Profit Crossover
Peter [ profile] impeterpetrelli and Gabriel get called on the carpet by [ profile] jimprofit after Gabriel leaked a little something to the press about Peter and his brother Nathan.

[ profile] masquerademix
(Group #4) Vampire 'Verse
Sylar [ profile] vampire_sylar and Sylar [ profile] thewatchmaker go to Los Angeles to ask Molly for her power, so they can help Dr. Gray [ profile] drgabrielgray find Peter [ profile] vampire_peter. They get her power without hurting anyone, but decide on a little hunt on the way home that leads to some adult activities.
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Since it's been ages since I did one of these, and it's almost Sylar Day it was time to get off my ass.

[ profile] rp_shadesofgray
Messing with Mohinder didn't help Sylar's mood much at all. Since the Mohinder chat, Sylar has lost his fucking mind being separated from [ profile] graylikeme. He had a lovely chat with his inner serial killer RP'd by [ profile] talldarknpsycho, and has since escaped his cell. He and Gabriel are trying to get away from Nathan's clutches right now.

[ profile] heroesreduxrpg
Group #7 - Agents S and P go where Sylar has never gone before, into a strip club to find Knox' girlfriend. There are things a serial killer just isn't meant to see, but somehow in the end they manage to capture Knox.

Group #12 - A few hundred years in the future and Sylar has the munchies. As always [ profile] fixthepast has to get in the way. Peter is such a pain in the ass. Later Peter agrees to let Sylar kill a warlord. Isn't that nice of him. The douchebag.

Group #15 - Being alone was something Sylar was used to. The entire world was empty, and then along came [ profile] empath_peter to break the silence. Yeah, that's going to go well. As if Peter wasn't enough to drive a crazy man nuts, zombie Nathan shows up to make Sylar really miserable.

Group #19 - Picture a world where Gabriel Gray goes to work for Jim Profit at Gracen & Gracen. Crossover fun for Profit and Heroes. Oh great, there's a Petrelli working at G&G too. He's such a little prick. Gabriel's set a plan into motion that'll keep Peter out of his way at G&G.

[ profile] masquerademix Where I've stopped using the [ profile] ohnombrains LJ since it was silly. I also play [ profile] drgabrielgray
Group #4 - Looks like [ profile] drgabrielgray lost [ profile] vampire_peter, and [ profile] vampire_sylar and I have to help him find the little shit. While Dr. G panicks, [ profile] vampire_sylar and I come up with a plan.

Group #2 - Peter seems to have adjusted to his life as a vampire. It's about damn time, not that I'm complaining about what he can do underwater. Adult Content.

Don't Fear the Reaper - Future Sylar and Peter
Hell in a Hand Basket - Sylar and Angela
A Petrelli in Queens - Peter, Sylar and Virginia
You Saved Us All - Bad Fanfic
Profit Margin - Gabriel Gray and Jim Profit
Vengeance is Mine - Sylar/Peter and Samuel
Red Car Go Down the Hole - kid Gabriel
Overkill - Sylar and Bennet
I'm the Hero - Peter, Sylar
Fire and Ice - Part One - Sylar and Peter
Fire and Ice - Part Two - Sylar and Adam
Fire and Ice - Part Three - Sylar and Peter

Memes and other fluff:
10 Things - finished
7 Questions - in progress
Master Muse Table
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On the Fanfic end of things:

[ profile] 100_fairytales I have completed 53/100 fics based on traditional fairytales. They are written from Sylar's, Gabriel's and Peter's POV mostly. There might be a Nathan in there somewhere too.

[ profile] 13_fears I have completed 7/13 fics from the prompt list. These are all from Sylar.

[ profile] 30_ballads Only 4/30 on this one. I need to pick up the pace a bit. But I find that constantly writing a paring is more difficult than a general Sylar claim.

[ profile] canceled20in20 I've submitted my 20 Farscape icons for round one of the new comm.

[ profile] drabbles20in20 Because I'm insane, I signed up for this too. It's their first round, and I'm doing 20 Sylar drabbles. I can write drabbles in my sleep, but I am concerned that there are 35 participants. That's a hell of a lot of drabbles for people to read in order to vote.

[ profile] heroes_faves The Badfic Challenge is in full swing, and I've created a comm devoted to it as well. [ profile] reallybadfic

[ profile] heroes_sylar The comm is still alive, and I'll let it die over my rotting corpse. I wish more people would contribute, but lots of people stop by to read it. That's all that matters in the long run.

[ profile] scifi_muses I am caught up until this week's prompts, and that won't be a problem.

On the RP Front:

[ profile] heroesreduxrpg
Group #3 is still going strong with [ profile] empath_peter teaching Sylar about being a brother.

Group #9 - Ended when Gabriel turned into Sylar.

Group #12 - Future Peter [ profile] fixthepast and Sylar are trying to kill each other in another knock down drag out fight.

Group #14 Tried an experimental crossover of Fringe where Sylar goes to see Walter Bishop.

[ profile] masquerademix RPing as [ profile] ohnombrains and [ profile] drgabrielgray
Group #2 [ profile] fixthepast had some issues to work through after killing his brother, not that the bastard didn't deserve it.

Group #4 [ profile] vampire_sylar Introduced [ profile] drgabrielgray to [ profile] ohnombrains, and that was interesting. Dr. Gray then had to tell [ profile] vampire_peter all about it while they celebrated their first anniversary together in London.

[ profile] rp_shadesofgray
As [ profile] drgabrielgray had to get [ profile] drpeterpetrelli out of jail when he was falsely arrested for the murder of Hesam Whateverhisnameis. Peter wasn't happy about [ profile] nathan4congress being called in, but Gabriel had no choice. They started plotting revenge over dinner. Now the two of them are chatting it up with [ profile] mostspecial to find out what the broken Sylar knows.

Sylar and [ profile] graylikeme were captured by Nathan's minions - [ profile] chase_evolution, [ profile] mrmorallygray, [ profile] telepatheticme and [ profile] willtakeyoudown. Currently Sylar is being mind fucked my Parkman.

RP for [ profile] italianeaglesct and [ profile] gabrielisgray will be posted in their LJs eventually.

[ profile] trekheroes Resurrected my Star Trek game where I'm playing [ profile] iam_spock and Mirror verse Uhura [ profile] ltuhurahbic. It's a nice slow-paced game minus all the Bad RPers who were mucking it up when it was first created. Jettisoning the space herpes was so good for that game and my muses in general.
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Fan Fic:
Sylar [ profile] thewatchmaker Shadows Taller Than Our Soul
Peter [ profile] italianeaglesct I Was Waiting on a Different Story
Drusilla [ profile] named_the_stars Letting the Wrong One In
Damon [ profile] diabolicaldamon Bored and Lonely

RP: (Well not quite weekly. I haven't done one of these in a very long time.)
[ profile] rp_shadesofgray RPing a flashback to the road trip with Mohinder when I was pretending to be Zane Taylor.

[ profile] heroesreduxrpg
Group #9 RPing Elle and Sylar's Escape from New York.
Group #3 I've had a nice talk with Claire. After not having a nice chat with Noah.
Group #12 Peter and I have had yet another disagreement about my life choices. He doesn't want me to kill, and I don't care what he thinks.

RP - Update

Jan. 9th, 2011 10:53 am
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On [ profile] rp_shadesofgray
Gabriel and I are taking a road trip. I needed to get out of New York. I've been in one place too long, and I'm getting restless. It has nothing to do with avoiding [ profile] beastlyinsides or [ profile] rachelgray. I just need air and greasy diner food. I've bribed [ profile] graylikeme with promises of buying Christmas decorations for the penthouse and looking for spare parts for his Shop. Before we got very far we started to talk about Virginia. We both miss our mothers a lot.

On [ profile] heroesreduxrpg
Group #1
Gabriel and I killed our father, and we both took some of his powers. Now I've got telekinesis too, but the guilt is making me sick. Gabe's changed. He's handling it so much better than I am. I didn't hit Samson over the head to take his powers. I hit him to protect [ profile] graylikeme. We have to ditch my car which doesn't help my mood at all, and Gabe wants to go back to New York to talk to [ profile] chandrasuresh. He says Chandra has a list of people like us.

Group #3
Nathan, Peter and I are trying to come with a plan to stop Arthur. Angela is awake, but she's resting. [ profile] not_a_billain and I practically had to tie [ profile] empath_peter to a bed to get him to take a nap. Peter thinks his big brothers will wake him up in 2 hours. Nathan and I have other plans. It won't be our fault that we lose track of time reading through all those Company records looking for someone who can help us. I have another plan, of course, I want to find my own records. I need to know if Angela is my mother or not.

Group #4
I had to shut down the I am Become Death group. The story was just too painful, but I really enjoyed RPing with [ profile] fixthepast and [ profile] powered_otaku on it.

Group #7
Peter convinced Angela to let us be partners, so now we're dressed up like the Men in Black chasing down Knox in Chicago. [ profile] did_not_take has a thing or two to learn about pulling a con, but he did OK at the Police Department. We have a lead on Knox, and it shouldn't take us too long to find him. Peter's trust means a lot to me. For the first time in a long time, I don't feel like I'm going to be stabbing in the back. He's not like Elle or Noah. Peter won't fuck me over.

As [ profile] ohnombrains my Season 1 and snarly self:
On [ profile] rp_shadesofgray
I'm hunting for the Invisible Man, and being hunted by Mulder and Scully. I've got [ profile] claudereigns on ice inside of Macy's, and sooner or later I'll find him. Hopefully [ profile] 1breath and [ profile] truthandfaith are as lame as Agent Hansen was.

On [ profile] masquerademix
Group #2
I've managed to turn [ profile] fixthepast, and it wasn't easy. His regen kept fighting the infection of my blood, and I finally had to kill him for the change to be completed. Now I've taken him on his first hunt, and I need to teach him to control the hunger. Why the hell I thought teaching Peter Petrelli about control would be a good thing is beyond me. Good thing I have forever.

Group #4
[ profile] vampire_sylar took me out to practice all the powers I picked up when I helped him kill Peter. I was sick for a few days, but I got over it. Then something weird happened. I couldn't stop watching him. I got nervous. I had to take cold showers after watching him kill. I tried to explain how I was feeling, but I sucked at it. Sylar figured it out though.
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On [ profile] rp_shadesofgray
This November marked [ profile] graylikeme and my first anniversary. (It was our anniversary on Twitter too, but neither one of us wants to RP in that cesspool anymore.) We've been busy. Gabe still works at the Shop while I'm going to school to get a degree in architecture. Things have been going well for us although I'm not terribly thrilled that [ profile] chandrasuresh has shown up. I know the Chandra Gabe knew didn't treat him like crap like mine did, but it still makes me nervous.

[ profile] rachelgray and [ profile] beastlyinsides had decided they want to make peace with Gabe and I. I suspect they would rather make pieces of us, but since there are so many new Peters around, I'd prefer to have Rachel and the Other Sylar on my side against them.

[ profile] empath_peter decided to use me as a buffet and stole Teleportation from me, and later when I was still pissed about that I got into it with [ profile] did_not_take who is from the future. I enjoyed ripping Future Peter's skull open and taking all his abilities. Then I left him on Level 5 for the Company to deal with. I'd never taken that many powers at one time before, so I wasn't prepared for how sick I got. Gabe was not pleased with me at all.

Gabe and I are going on a road trip. I need to get out of New York. I've been in one place too long, and I think it'll be fun. I might even try to teach him how to drive.

On [ profile] heroesreduxrpg
Group #1 Six Months Ago
[ profile] graylikeme and I are playing as twins. Gabriel killed Brian, and his twin Michael (my part) helped him hide the body. They have been trying to figure out what's happening. Michael remembers their father, and they decide to pay Samson a visit. Samson got nasty, and the brothers Gray got homicidal. Samson's dead. Michael's picked up his first powers, and Gabe took a trip to the Daddy buffet too. Now they're trying to find out who their real mother was.

Group #3 Eris Quod Sum
Angela came to me in a dream and sent me to save [ profile] empath_peter from Arthur Petrelli. I got there too late to keep Peter from losing his powers, and when the idiot came back to rescue me, I decided my best bet was to go out the window with him. At least I gave him something soft to land on. We went back to the Company where Angela was still trapped in her nightmares. Noah [ profile] mrmorallygray told me I should have stayed behind and killed Arthur. They sent me to fetch [ profile] telepatheticme from the airport, and he fought to get Angela free. I haven't seen her yet. Nathan [ profile] not_a_billain seems OK with me being his brother, and he approved of me escaping with Peter. Now we're getting together to plot how to stop our Father from destroying the world.

Group #4 I am Become Death
This one's stalled out. I have a great group with [ profile] fixthepast as Peter and [ profile] powered_otaku as Hiro, but the story is just too fucking depressing to keep RPing.

Group #7 Dual
Peter [ profile] did_not_take flew back to the Company and kept Meredith from burning the place down. He then took the glass out of the back of my head, and we talked. I told him how Angela and the Company have been using me for years. Peter said he wanted to help me become the person he met in the future, and he made a deal with Angela where we'll both work for the Company. I don't trust Angela, but I would do anything for Peter because he believes in me. Now if he'd just learn how to tie a tie.


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