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Character: Sylar
Genre: Gen
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 533
Rating: PG
Apeirophobia; Fear of Infinity 7/13 for [ profile] 13_fears
Skipper: You see, once you show the Universe who's boss, things just work out. Vol3.week30 for [ profile] scifi_muses
032. Why it turned winter. 53/100 for [ profile] 100_fairytales
Notes: Set 200 years in the future. Based on this RP on [ profile] heroesreduxrpg. Peter is [ profile] fixthepast, and he's an ass.

Hatred. Seething hatred filled me to my core. I was steeped in disgust and rage, and it was as always Peter Petrelli’s fault. Hundreds of years locked in a technological dungeon, and I wake up where Peter can get in my way. Fuck my life. Fuck my goddamn life!

With a snarl and a wave of my hand I sent a wave of destruction at a crumbling building. The tattered walls filled with broken windows and covered with scrawls of graffiti shattered and scattered like cornflakes caught in a tornado. I smiled as the four story structure was reduced to rubble, and then licked the grit off my teeth.

The sun was pounding down on me. I’d left the city when Peter showed up, and found myself cut off from the world in the never ending wasteland, miles and miles of gray and brown in every direction. The only bright spot was the domed city on the horizon. It’s blue green glow a sharp contrast to the desolation. Peter didn’t live in the city either. He was hiding in the warrens nearby, doing whatever brooding assholes did when they figured the woes of the world were their fault.

They weren’t his anymore than they were mine. After I’d escaped from him I’d taken my time, finding an old library where I could find out what happened while I was kept asleep. It was the specials who did it. Some idiot created a drug that would give powers to anyone with the right amount of money.

They gave it to the military first of course, and the power hungry in the ranks got hungrier eventually destroying the government. Once the US government realized it was in trouble it gave the serum to the rest of the world. It was just like Captain Trips in the Stand. They destroyed everyone, so they didn’t die alone.

It stirred my hunger. There were so many more specials out there now, and I wanted them. I needed them all. Peter didn’t understand. How could he? This is what I was born for. I’m meant to keep their numbers under control. I’m their only predator, and keeping me locked away upset the balance of the world. This is the Company’s fault. They destroyed the world when they trapped me. Fucking idiots.

I still hadn’t found a travel power, but I would soon. The specials in the city were calling to me, begging me to end their suffering, and far be it from me to tell them ‘no’. I climbed into the crappy vehicle that I’d managed to repair and turned toward the horizon. Peter wouldn’t expect me back so soon, and if he did try to stop me, I had some surprises in mind. The weight of the gun slung on my thigh would give me an unexpected advantage. As long as he could block my powers, I’d have to find another way fulfill my destiny.

Unlike Peter I wasn’t afraid of the world they’d created. I wasn’t terrified of the darkness that permeated the harsh light of day. The Boy Scout could cower. I’d conquer. I’d show these losers that Sylar was back, one body at a time.

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Character: Sylar/Peter
Genre: slash
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1050
Rating: PG
After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true. vol3.week28 for [ profile] scifi_muses
7. Stairway to Heaven for [ profile] 30_ballads 3/30
054. How wide the world is. for [ profile] 100_fairytales 50/100
12. Autophobia; Fear of Being Alone for [ profile] 13_fears 6/13
Notes: A bit of the madness from Sylar's POV before Peter arrived inside of the Wall. For [ profile] empath_peter with great love and affection as always.

The piper's calling you to join him  )
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Character: Sylar/Lydia
Genre: het
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 743
Rating: PG
04. Catoptrophobia; Fear of Mirrors {they reflect our true selves to us} for [ profile] 13_fears 5/13
041. Cleaning the child. for [ profile] 100_fairytales 48/100
Notes: for the best Lydia on LJ/Twitter [ profile] thepainted_lady. Happy Birthday!
Setting: During Sylar's two weeks at Sullivan Brothers

I am the walrus... )
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Character: Sylar/Peter
Genre: slash
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 500+
Rating: PG
1. "You Really Got Me" The Kinks (rock theme) for [ profile] 30_ballads 1/30
2. Nyctophobia; Fear of the Dark {are you afraid of the dark?} for [ profile] 13_fears 4/13
Scar: Oooh... I quiver with *fear*... for [ profile] scifi_muses vol3.week26

I've got you... )

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Character: Gabriel Gray
Genre: gen
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 564
Rating: G
09. Metathesiophobia; Fear of Changes {nothing lasts forever} for [ profile] 13_fears 3/13
Richard Castle: Does he look like a killer to you?
Detective Kate Beckett: Everybody looks like a killer to me, Castle. Job requirement. for [ profile] scifi_muses vol3.week23
063. Clean and tidy. for [ profile] 100_fairytales 46/100
Notes: Set in an AU world where Peter works for the Company, and he is trying to recruit Gabriel. Part of an RP on [ profile] heroesreduxrpg. Peter is [ profile] empath_peter, and used with permission and a great deal of affection.

What if they don't like me?

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Character: Gabriel, Virginia and Martin Gray
Genre: gen
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1000+
Rating: G
#07. Thanatophobia; Fear of Dying/Death {the end is near} 2/13 for [ profile] 13_fears
#010 The princess in the shroud 45/100 for [ profile] 100_fairytales
Carry on My Wayward Son Vol3.week25 for [ profile] scifi_muses
Notes: Gabriel is about 9 in this fic. Written for [ profile] julia_anders

lay your weary head to rest )

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Character: Sylar/Peter
Genre: slash
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 444
Rating: R language and blood
Prompts: 01. Hemophobia; Fear of Blood {it’s just a little blood} for [ profile] 13_fears 1/13
098. No time for sickness. for [ profile] 100_fairytales 44/100
Claudia: Quit talking like some silly simpering schoolgirl. You're a military woman, born, bred, and trained and you're too much of a scrapper to give up like this without a fight! for [ profile] scifi_muses vol3.week24
Notes: Set during the Wall

“I can’t look,” Peter said with a squeak as he turned his head to the side. His dark hair was plastered against his forehead, and he was breathing hard like he’d run a marathon. I could see the pain in his dark eyes, and I hated it. “Just do it, OK.”

I wanted to roll my eyes. Wanted to give him shit about being a coward, and how he should suck it up like a man instead of whining like a little boy. But when he looked at me with so much trust I didn’t know what to do. I’d seen that look before, and it wasn’t for me. Those eyes were for Nathan. That was who he wanted to take care of him. It wasn’t the serial killer who murdered his brother.

“I don’t want to do this, Peter.” There was so much blood running down his leg, soaking the fabric of his jeans. The broken bottle had sliced right through them and his leg when he’d fallen. Guilt filled my gut when I thought about him getting hurt, about his blood on my hands. It was my fault. I’d been the one to start the fight that ended in us trying to tear each other apart on the floor of the convenience store. My fault that he’d crashed into a display of vodka that had shattered on impact.

“Well you have to. I can’t fucking stitch up the back of my own leg now can I?” He reached over and grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled. It hurt when he pulled my hair, and for a little payback I poured more of the cheap booze on the cut. Peter hissed like a snake at the sudden burning pain. “I told you how to do it, asshole. Just thread the damn needle and start sewing.”

“I hope it leaves a huge scar,” I said, lying through my teeth as I bit into my lip. The sight of blood was making me sick, and that wasn’t normal for me at all. For the first time since I split Brian Davis’ head open, I didn’t want to lick the blood off of my fingers. I hated the sight of it. I was so afraid that he’d get an infection and die, leaving me alone once more.

“Yeah so do I. Chicks dig scars, Sylar.” He reached for my head again, and I jerked away, afraid that he was going to pull my hair or hit me. He let out a heavy sigh, and patted me on the shoulder instead. “I know you can do this. Don’t be afraid of a little blood.”

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My claim is Sylar of course.


01. Hemophobia; Fear of Blood {it’s just a little blood}
02. Nyctophobia; Fear of the Dark {are you afraid of the dark?}
03. Apeirophobia; Fear of Infinity {it just goes on forever and ever}
04. Catoptrophobia; Fear of Mirrors {they reflect our true selves to us}
05. Sociophobia; Fear of People {why can’t we be friends?}
06. Acrophobia; Fear of Heights {it’s a long way down}
07. Thanatophobia; Fear of Dying/Death {the end is near}
08. Xenophobia; Fear of Strangers {I’d like to introduce you to a new friend}
09. Metathesiophobia; Fear of Changes {nothing lasts forever}
10. Aichmophobia; Fear of Sharp Objects {don’t run with scissors}
11. Algophobia; Fear of Pain {does it hurt?}
12. Autophobia; Fear of Being Alone {when no one else is around}
13. Panophobia; Fear of Everything {is there anything that DOESN’T scare you}

Bonus Themes {just in case the others are too terrifying}
14. Brontophobia; Fear of Thunder and Lightening {storm clouds are blowing in}
15. Coulrophobia; Fear of Clowns {let’s join the circus}
16. Gynophobia; Fear of Women {sugar and spice and everything nice}
17. Androphobia; Fear of Men {snakes and snails and puppy dog tails}
18. Nudophobia; Fear of Nudity {in only my birthday suit}


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