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This was a lot of fun. Towards the end I dragged out some very old fandom characters to finish, killing two birds with one stone by keeping them active so LJ doesn't purge their journals.

Drabbles are by

Sylar [ profile] thewatchmaker
Gabriel Gray [ profile] gabrielisgray
Angela Petrelli [ profile] manipulatesall
Peter Petrelli [ profile] mib_peter
Nathan Petrelli [ profile] nathan4congress

Alex Tully[ profile] alex_drives

Aeryn Sun [ profile] officer_aeryn_s

Malcolm Reynolds [ profile] cptmalreynolds

Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel:
Caleb [ profile] firsts_chosen_1
Wesley Wyndam Price [ profile] nevrgoodenuf
Lindsey McDonald [ profile] lindsey_esquire

Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-blog
Captain Hammer [ profile] captainhammer

Star Trek
Spock [ profile] iam_spock

Dean Winchester [ profile] callmedean
Castiel [ profile] thursdaysangel
Ruby [ profile] gbyerubytues

Birds of Prey (TV Show):
Huntress aka Helena Kyle [ profile] huntressogotham

James "Sawyer" Ford [ profile] sawyer_island

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (movie)
Dorian Gray [ profile] dorian_grey
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It was moist, fluffy with strawberry filling. The only way it could have been better was if the cake had been chocolate. But then murderers can’t be choosers. The blood from my fingers did blend nicely with the filling and contrast with the white cake.

“What do you think, Sue?” I frowned she didn’t answer and shoved a bite of her birthday cake into her mouth. “There now try some.”

Her coworkers were huddled in the corner, shaking and pissing unable to move while I held them with telekinesis. “I’m afraid you can’t have any.”

Their blood was pretty too.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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My fingers dug into his scalp as I slammed his face into the desk one more time. “Now you are going to give me the password for your laptop, or I’m going to smear your guts from one end of this apartment to the other.”

“Then you won’t get it, Mr. Sylar.” Mohinder spat blood at me. “I won’t help you kill those people.”

“Do you know what the difference is between a hero from a fantasy book with knights in shining armor, Mohinder and someone like you who thinks you can make a difference? You’re too stupid to live.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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The window popped open with a bit of telekinesis, and I slithered into the office without a sound. My eyes adjusted quickly to the dim light from the few glowing bulbs in the ceiling. It could hear the click of someone typing away at a keyboard, but they were too far away to notice me.

Security wouldn’t be here for another 15 minutes. I had plenty of time. Using my super hearing and more telekinesis, I unlocked the safe like a pro. Inside I found stacks of cash and the folder I was looking for. I took all of it.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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I tried to convince myself the jungle had been worse with the humidity, the buzzing mosquitoes, the spiders that were bigger than my hand, but at least there, there had been shade.

The desert was an endless gravel pit of beige sand. No oasis filled with palm trees and cool water was waiting for me. No genie’s lamp was waiting for me to polish. There were no wishes for Sylar.

When my bare feet, cut and burning from the heat, hit the asphalt I thought I’d found heaven, I was on a road. A road meant civilization. It meant hope.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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I looked in the mirror, being extra careful to get my hair to lay just right. Mom would see the difference in me if I wasn’t careful, and I needed her to see Gabriel. I felt like a hermit crab, trading one shell for the next as I pulled on Gabe’s brown cord jacket instead of my black pea coat.

That’s when I heard them in the studio. The sound of two hearts beating, but when I looked they were gone. It’s not paranoia if they are out to get you. There were lots of people out to get me.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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The colors and texture reminded me of the mixed berry pie I had a few weeks ago at the diner. It was warm and stuck to my fingers. It didn’t smell as good of course. It smelled of copper and death, but I did like the taste of the blood it on my fingers when I brought my thumbnail to my mouth to worry at it.

“I’m afraid I can’t fix you, Brian, but I think I’ve figured out how to fix me.” I pushed my fingers back into his brain, and smiled when I found what made him special.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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For my Lydia [ profile] fortunatetattoo

She laced our fingers together, and I had a hard time paying attention to the view or the clicking of the Ferris Wheel’s gears because of the ink flowing over Lydia’s skin. We moved higher, and her grip tightened.

“Don’t be scared.”

“I’m not.” I thought I would be. I’d been afraid to get on the ride, but instead the height made me feel better. I was safe up here above the lights and the tents. “It feels like I’m flying.”

Lydia pressed her lips over mine in a long kiss. “I promise to make you like solid ground too.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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Shadows shifted across the living room floor. I could hear the sound of snoring echoing loudly from the bedrooms upstairs. Chandra’s list was neatly folded in my back pocket. Saliva pooled as I thought about the power that would be mine very, very soon. It’d been weeks since Brian, and I wanted more.

I was three steps up when it got my attention, the carriage clock ticking in a broken rhythm on the mantel, calling out for me to find out what was wrong with it. “I’ll be back for you on my way out. I’ll take you with me.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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This one's for [ profile] futureboyscout

“Don’t you dare, Sylar!” Peter hooked me in the ribs with his elbow, and I dropped my hand back onto the armrest. “No cheating.”

“I wasn’t going to cheat, Peter. I was going to scratch my nose.”

“You were not. You were going to use telekinesis to help the pitcher.” He was pissed. Apparently baseball is serious business for Peter Petrelli. “I’ll scratch your nose.”

“Gee I should have told you I was going to scratch my balls then, huh?” I was laughing too hard from the look on his face to notice the ball sailing out of the park.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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“You’re packing too much, Gabe.” I watched while he shoved yet another package of underwear into his over filled suitcase. “It’s only three days.”

“Sylar.” He gave me that look mom always did when she was about to tell me I was wrong. “Just because you traveled from one end of the country and back with one pair of jeans and no underwear doesn’t mean I want to.”

“I had underwear.” I frowned, looking down at my single bag. “I know how to travel light.”

“How much?”

“I had enough.”

“Two pairs you wash in the sink is not enough.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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Shut up. Shut up. Shut up, before I bash your heads together. I chugged half a bottle of tepid water, washing grit from between my teeth. I wanted a bed, a bath and a brick to kill the wonder fucking twins. I didn’t care that they had powers anymore. I wanted them to stop being so goddamn loud when I was trying to sleep.

“Gabriel, you’re awake!” Maya said, bouncing around to look at me. “Alejandro won’t let me drive.”

“I’ll drive.”

Alejandro glared at me.

“You sleep.” Or die. Either would be a vast improvement.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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It had to be special without being ostentatious. It can’t be too sleek or modern either. He’s neither of those things. Well he is to me, but he doesn’t see it. I want them to match, but finding a ring to signify both of our personalities is going to be a bitch. But if it was easy, would it be worth it?

We’ve both fought to be where we are in our lives and with each other. Neither one of us likes easy, easy is for the mindless masses. It’s not for Gabriel or me. We’re too special for that.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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The stink of charred flesh filled my regenerated lungs. I couldn’t move, the muscles were fighting to knit together while the flames roared. Meredith’s inferno was hotter than any normal fire. Hot enough that it destroyed whatever had been driven into my skull to kill me.

Silly rabbits, I thought as I writhed in pain and fire. They should have cut my head off that would have prevented my rebirth and future revenge. They’d pay for this just like they’ll pay for everything else.

A torrent of water blasted through a wall, dousing the flames. I screamed as finished healing.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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Through the music box shop window, I watched as the ballerinas danced and carousel horses ran in circles while tinny music played. A few of them were broken. I could feel where their gears didn’t quite fit together properly, but they weren’t what had my attention.

It was the dozens of snow globes that glowed among the music boxes. It wasn’t an expensive fancy one calling to me; it was a cheap ball of glass filled with green trees and a miniature of Mount Hood.

I left Oregon in the crusty snow that covered her grave. “I miss you, mom.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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Blood covered my knuckles, and none of it was mine. Noah was wheezing through the ruin of his nose, his glasses crushed beneath my boots as I held him up by the collar. His eyes were nearly swollen shut, and I had no doubt a few of his teeth were scattered in the gravel of the rooftop.

“Who’s insignificant now, asshole? Not me, I’m the biggest bad on the fucking planet, thanks to you. You could have let me die, but oh no, you had to get Elle to push my buttons. How’s that working out for you Mr. Bennet?”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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He is sleeping so deeply, dark lashes featuring over his cheeks, his glasses on the nightstand. I leaned on my elbow, watching the rise and fall of Gabriel’s chest. I could see the flicker of his eyes as a dream visited him. I hope it is a good one. I want only good dreams for him, dreams filled with fantasy and hopes fulfilled.

This is what he has given me, love, hope and faith in a future that would be filled with the two of us sharing our time together. He is my life, my eternity, and I love him.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List

#20 Dawn

Jun. 13th, 2010 10:53 am
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I can hear the pounding of the hammer on the bricks. It’s cold, the light of the sun barely touching the tops of the tallest buildings. It’ll be a long time before it reaches Peter in the shadow of the Wall.

I wish he’d slept longer, but he’s obsessed with breaking us free, getting away from me. I close my eyes and let out a ragged sigh. I don’t mind it here now that I’m not alone. We fight more than I thought humanly possible, but I love that he’s here.

“Morning, I brought you coffee.” Was that a smile?

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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It was dark. I could see her moving back and forth across the windows, her shadow shifting over the curtains. Years I’d waited after promising Peter that I wouldn’t kill Angela, but Peter was gone now. I don’t think he thought his mother would outlive him. I certainly hadn’t. I assumed someone else she hurt would put a bullet between her eyes, or she’d be poisoned by her own evil.

But it would be my hands that wrapped around her throat. She looked up at me when I appeared in the room. No fear in her eyes. “I’ve been waiting.”

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List
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I’d been in a cell like this before. I’d been raging, hungry and rabid like a wild animal. Angela, my mother, said she’d help me learn to control the hunger that drives me.

She gave me Bridget, and a new power that I’m not sure I like, but in a way it feeds my need to understand. I can learn the history of any object by touching it. Every inch of this cell tells me its own story, echoes of other prisoners. I won’t die in this place. I will learn. I will be who Angela needs me to be.

100 Drabbles of Summer Master List


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