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Peter stood next to me at Nathan’s grave. Our years alone had smoothed the jagged edges of his grief, but it was still there like a black cloud.

“Give me the finger.”

“You are nuts.” Peter chuckled and flipped me off.

Nathan’s ring was clutched in my hand. I carefully slipped it onto his middle finger. His hands were smaller than Nathan’s, or mine, so no ring finger for Peter.

“God, Sylar.” Peter’s tears made me cry. “I…the boys…they…”

“Nathan wanted you to have it.” I pulled him into my arms and held him until I lost track of time.

The Drabble Meme
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I need to break the Blahs, so I'm going to do the 25 Drabble Meme again.

Leave a comment letting me which prompt(s) you want and I'll write a drabble for it. If you want to pick a verse or setting, too, go for it.

You may choose any of the following muses for the drabbles:
[ profile] diabolicaldamon Damon from the Vampire Diaries - I really need to find Damon's voice, so please pick him.
[ profile] firsts_chosen_1 Caleb from Buffy. I'd like to do a few drabbles from the muse that scares Sylar.
[ profile] tarnishedhero Future Peter from Five Years Gone Future Peter is new for me too, and I'd like to explore him a bit.
and of course [ profile] gabrielisgray or [ profile] thewatchmaker

1. Playful Damon for [ profile] keep_them_safe
2. Murderous Sylar for [ profile] keep_them_safe
3. Smug Damon for [ profile] vampire_peter
4. Incarcerated Caleb for [ profile] vampire_peter
5. Deviant Damon for [ profile] dealing_death
6. Sick Future Peter for [ profile] hbicjessica
7. Intoxicated Sylar for [ profile] julia_anders
8. Wildly Inappropriate Damon for [ profile] keep_them_safe
9. Eloquent Damon for [ profile] reanimathan
10. Cooking Caleb for [ profile] 1breath
11. Overprotective Peter for [ profile] julia_anders
12. Pissed Off Gabriel for [ profile] julia_anders
13. Silly Gabriel for [ profile] eriksselest
14. Romantic Sylar for [ profile] keep_them_safe
15. Stubborn Sylar for [ profile] lizfirestarter
16. I told you so Sylar for [ profile] eriksselest
17. Jealous Gabriel for [ profile] graylikeme
18. Curious Peter for [ profile] graylikeme
19. Confused Future Peter for [ profile] vampire_peter
20. Sexy Caleb for [ profile] reanimathan
21. Geeky Damon for [ profile] 1breath
22. Festive Sylar for [ profile] 1breath
23. Inappropriate Caleb for [ profile] empath_peter
24. Romantic Gabriel for [ profile] empath_peter
25. Hug Sylar for [ profile] empath_peter

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Leave a comment letting me know which prompt(s) you want, and I'll write a drabble for it. I'm only doing one set of 25, and since I am not actively RPing the muses the Drabbles will be strictly canon based.

I lost these muses, and I want them back. Help me by picking a few prompts.

You may choose one of the following muses for the drabbles:
[ profile] iam_spock – Star Trek 2009 or Mirror Mirror Spock
[ profile] thursdaysangel – Castiel from Supernatural
[ profile] cptmalreynolds – Mal from Firefly/Serenity

The Drabble Master List on Spock's LJ

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If you requested a drabble from me. Follow the link to see the completed list.

Thanks for letting me stretch my muses' brains.
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My bones ached. The cold of the slab they called a bed had seeped into my very core. There was a bad taste in my mouth. I wondered if it’d been a dream. Had Angela come to tell me she was my mother or not?

I could hear her shouting. She needed me to save Peter.

I needed to save Peter. He’s my brother.

I yanked the tube out while my body quickly fought off the drugs. With a wave of my hand the cell door flew free. No one was locking me away from my family. They needed me.

Master Drabble List
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She was nagging at me. Making me see red. It’s all about her, and one day I suppose I’ll realize that. Until then I’ll have to suffer through another blonde tirade.

“What did I do this time?”

“If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you, Sylar.” She rolled over in the bed, turning her back on me.

I don’t like being ignored. Being nagged at is better. So I picked up one of her expensive high heels from the floor. She never puts her shit away. I lost count of how many times I hit her with it.

Master Drabble List
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He’s asleep with his mouth slightly open. I’m surprised he’s not drooling. But I can’t blame Peter. The sun’s bright, and the pool is warm. He’s out cold, while I’ve been reading. It was interesting to watch his skin turn pink from the sun and then heal for the first couple of hours. Now I’m bored.

I’m dangerous when I’m bored. Padding over to the ice chest, I gathered up two handfuls of ice cubes and using telekinesis placed one after another on Peter’s body. Then I sat back to watch what he’d do when the cold got his attention.

Drabble Master List
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Leave a comment letting me which prompt(s) you want and I'll write a drabble for it. If you want to pick a verse or setting, too, go for it.

Be patient with me, I am slow at times!

You may choose any of the following muses for the drabbles: [ profile] thewatchmaker, [ profile] drgabrielgray, [ profile] gabrielisgray or [ profile] impeterpetrelli (With my real writing, I'm only doing one set of 25).

1. Playful Sylar for [ profile] emt_petrelli DONE
2. Murderous Dr. Gray for [ profile] 1breath DONE
3. Flailing Sylar for [ profile] snarky_blonde DONE
4. Incarcerated Sylar for [ profile] shades_of_sylar DONE
5. Deviant Sylar for for [ profile] graylikeme DONE
6. Ill Gabriel for [ profile] grayinside DONE
7. Intoxicated Dr. Gray for [ profile] flying_monkees DONE
8. Wildly Inappropriate Dr. Gray for [ profile] charlene816 DONE
9. Eloquent Dr. Gray for [ profile] emt_petrelli DONE
10. Cooking! Peter for [ profile] evenbepresident DONE
11. Over-protective! Sylar for [ profile] lizfirestarter DONE
12. Wanker! Sylar for [ profile] truthandfaith DONE
13. Silly! Peter for [ profile] illusional_you DONE
14. Romantic! Gabriel for [ profile] illusional_you DONE
15. Silent-Treatment! Dr. Gray for [ profile] eriksselest DONE
16. Bedtime! Gabriel for [ profile] emt_petrelli DONE
17. Jealous! Sylar for [ profile] graylikeme DONE
18. Inquisitive! Sylar for [ profile] charlene816 DONE
19. Confused! Sylar for [ profile] futureboyscout DONE
20. Sexy! Dr. Gray for [ profile] 1breath DONE
21. Angry! Sylar for [ profile] graylikeme DONE
22. Dorky! Sylar for [ profile] fortunatetattoo DONE
23. Working! Dr. Gray for [ profile] flying_monkees DONE
24. Needs-A-Hug! Sylar for [ profile] shades_of_sylar DONE
25. Daddy Peter for [ profile] illusional_you DONE


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