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I RP a lot of characters. I also RP quite a few different versions of a couple of them. Sylar is in several ‘verses, and I thought it’d be a good idea to not only list the verses but who he is in them. In some he’s found redemption. In others he’s crazy. In most of them he’s happy with who he has evolved into.

Shades of Gray: [ profile] rp_shadesofgray was a development off of my Twitter RP. The game will be 3 years old at in July 2012. I’d been RPing him on Twitter for a few months, with various groups/partners, but his connection with Gabriel is the one that stuck. I keep most of the Twitter background that was established although his life since returning to LJ has been its own. I try not to cross the streams. I’d stopped RPing on LJ for a couple years, and it was good to be back.

Sylar on Shades is a happy camper. He was yanked out of his timeline by Angela who with the help of Parkman and Hiro grabbed Sylar after he met Samson to keep him from killing Nathan. Angela had Sylar programmed to be her weapon. He has been conditioned to avoid ever taking shapeshifting or telepathy. This act of Angela’s broke the time stream, and that’s why there is a nexus on Shades that draws alternate versions of Heroes (and other) characters.

He’s been through a bad relationship with a Claire from the future and a S1 Peter. That relationship didn’t last, and he began to realize that he was in love with Gabriel. The Brothers Gray have been in a committed relationship for over 2 years. While they were married on Twitter, they haven’t taken vows on Shades although I suspect that’ll happen soon.

Sylar and Gabriel both lost their powers through a plot by an evil Nathan (I am Become Death) version. He and Gabriel have taken control of the Company currently called Phoenix, and they are trying to regain the powers that they lost.

Start Date: August 2009
Gabriel: [ profile] graylikeme

The other active verses: )


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