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I'm doing this one three times for my primary 'verses.

This one is for [ profile] rp_shadesofgray. If you'd like to read more of Gabe and my story, follow our RP there.

Gabe: [ profile] graylikeme
He helped me find my way out of the darkness. He made me want to be a better person, and he gave me the family I so desperately craved. I try so hard not to push him over the abyss because I don’t want him to be like me. I’ve never had anyone accept and love me the way that he has, and I will do anything for him. I know he’ll do the same for me. He is the other half of my soul.

This is the clocktower penthouse that Gabe and I live in. It’s got an incredible view through the clock faces, and I knew it was the perfect place for us to make our home. Right now we’re in trouble, and I hope to hell that someone realizes that we’re missing because I want to go home. We’re in a really bad place right now, and I’m afraid. They’ve taken our powers, but Gabe and I will find away out of this mess. Then God help the fuckers who took us from our home and kept us apart.

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Character: Sylar/Gabriel
Author: [ profile] thewatchmaker
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1961
Rating: R - NSFW Violence and Smut
Teeth by Lady Gaga. for [ profile] scifi_muses
Notes: Written for the 2010 [ profile] sylar_peter Advent Calendar Day 24.
Gabriel is [ profile] graylikeme and featured with much love. Thanks to [ profile] flying_monkees for betaing for me.

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Thanks for reading. Comments to my LJ, please, and Merry Christmas!

If you'd like to see more of this version of Sylar and Gabriel check out [ profile] rp_shadesofgray
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Prompts: Bond for [ profile] charloft and 045. With his whole heart for [ profile] 100_fairytales 16/100

I was free to do what I wanted, or so I thought. She promised a mother’s love, but she lied. I would have done anything for Angela if only she’d been telling the truth. She betrayed me, and that bond was broken. I was free to kill. Free to take whatever I wanted.

Another bond was the last thing I wanted when I walked into the shop and saw you there, working so hard on your watch. You asked me if I needed anything, and I realized what I needed more than anything.

I needed you, Gabriel. I needed you.

For [ profile] graylikeme with love as always.

100 Fairytales Table
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Song for Gabriel - Nothing Else Matters

I got lost counting the dark lashes dusting his cheek. Watching the play of the sunlight coming through the windows as the snowflakes fought against the summer sun. They’d melt long before anyone noticed them down on the street. They were for one person and one person only. They were for Gabe for his birthday.

Esme batted at the window a few times before hopping onto the bed. While I was patient enough not to wake Gabe, she wasn’t. She pressed her little pink nose under his, tickling him with her whiskers until he opened his eyes.

“Is this a conspiracy?” he mumbled, then smiled when he saw the snow.

“Would I conspire with the cat?”

“Yes you would.” He sat up and stretched, and I shifted to wrap my arms around him from behind so we could both watch the snow. “Although I’m sure it was her evil plan not yours.”

“Happy Birthday.” I trailed my lips along his neck and kissed his ear, right where it makes him shiver. “Wait until you see what else I have planned for you today.”
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You Have My Heart,

That is my promise to you. Every time I look at the ring on my finger, I think about you, and the promise we made to each other. I promise to be there for you. I promise to listen to you. I promise to tell you if I’m hurt and need help. I promise to gut anyone who ever hurts you. I promise to be your brother, your lover, your partner and your friend.

Forever and Always,

The Letter Blog
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Dear Gabriel,

Hey look, another letter to you, little brother. I know it’s a sure sign of how incredibly fucked in the head I am, but my favorite memory will always be you smacking me in the head with that coffee mug when we were fighting about Elle. You were so mad at me, and I admit I was pushing your buttons. I wanted you to see that you deserved better than that whore, but you knew that already. But I still wouldn’t back down. I had to push and push and push until you snapped.

My chin hit the counter, nearly bit clear through my tongue too. Then you did the one thing you hadn’t before. You dug around in my brain for a power while you had me down, your fingers in my brain kept me from healing. I was scared for a few moments that you’d be too lost in the hunger to let me regenerate.

But you did. You let me come back, and I was so mad at you. I remember screaming at you to use my name, backing you into a corner while we smeared my blood all over your floor. I was livid, but we still took care of each other because that’s what we do. We cleaned each other up and the apartment. Then I stayed with you all night.

The only way it could have been better is if I’d kissed you the way I wanted to. I wish I hadn’t been afraid. Stupid isn’t it? I wasn’t afraid of making you angry, but I was afraid to tell you that I was in love with you. Of course I hadn’t realized it until that night either. That’s the real reason it’s special for me. It’s when I stopped turning a blind eye to what was right in front of me all along. The person I needed the most was you.

Forever and Always,

The Letter Blog
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Character: Sylar and Gabe
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 655
Rating: PG
Prompt: Marion: Well, Jones, at least you haven't forgotten how to show a lady a good time. for [ profile] scifi_muses
Verse: [ profile] rp_shadesofgray and a bit of Twitterverse thrown in. [ profile] graylikeme is featured with love as always.

It was a little too warm in the diner, the sun shining directly across our table and glinting off of the silverware and chrome napkin holder. Outside I could see fat lazy bees flying around a bed of marigolds and daisies. It was a perfect lazy summer day in the middle of some little town whose name I hadn’t bothered to remember.

“Are you bored, Sylar?” Gabriel asked from his side of the booth as he wiped his hands clean after eating the last of his French fries. He smiled as Bonny, the waitress, came over with our dessert and cleared the table. “That pie is a work of art.”

He was right. It was beautiful. His was filled with golden slices of fresh peaches, while mine was stuffed with plump cherries fresh from a can of pie filling. The ice cream scoops were already starting to drip down the sides from the warmth of the pie, and I knew the sunlight would turn them into sludge soon.

“Not bored.” No I wasn’t bored. I was nervous. It’d been a long time since anyone had tried to bag and tag us, but I had that itchy feeling along the back of my neck. At home in New York I wasn’t worried about it, but out here in the middle of wherever we were the old instincts were kicking in. It probably didn’t help that all roadside diners looked alike, and this one reminded me of the one where Luke and I had to deal with unwelcome visitors.

“They aren’t after you anymore,” Gabe pointed out with his fork before taking his first bite. His dark eyes closed, and I was waiting to hear him make an orgasmic sound from the look on his face. “We won, remember?”

“I know.” I took a blob of ice cream and pie, and had my own moment of nirvana. “But I feel like we’re being watched.”

“You’re always paranoid,” he pointed out, giving me the smug I know you better than anyone look.

“Better to be paranoid than locked up,” was my answer. “But I will try to relax. OK?”

“OK. There are more shops two towns down the highway on my list. We should be able to hit them both before sundown the way you drive.” Then he let out a snort. “We could get to them and another two towns the way you drive.”

“I’m an excellent driver, Gabe.”

“You have a led foot. I’m surprised the car still has paint.”

“You’re just upset because I won’t let you drive her again.” He’d scared me enough when I’d let him drive on the second day of our trip.

“You’re the one who wanted me to drive. You keep insisting that I’ll know how because you do.” He folded his arms across his chest, glowering at me. “I told you I can’t drive.”

“And I told you…”

“Is that your car, son?” We both looked up started at the shape looming over the table. The sun sparkling on his badge was only a momentary distraction from the gun at his hip. “The Mustang with the New York plates?”

I dropped my fork, turning in the booth ready to send the guy sailing over the counter and into the deep fryer with telekinesis if he made a move. Gabe and I locked eyes, and I could see him ready to do the same thing to his partner who was ambling over.

“Yeah that’s my car. Is there a problem?” I wanted to get up, but the cop was blocking my end of the booth. There were a lot of innocent people in the diner too, and I wasn’t in the mood to hurt anyone really. “Do you need to see my license and registration?”

“Oh no, my partner and I were arguing about what year it is. Is it a ’68 or a ’69, and is it all original?”
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Character: Sylar and Gabriel
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 393
Rating: G
Prompt: Mallory: You make everyday feel like kindergarten. for [ profile] scifi_muses
Notes: Letter Blog entry - worked as a post on the Muses too.

Dear Gabe,

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite memories of growing up with you. There were the bunkbeds of course, where we’d trade off every other month who got to sleep on the top bunk. Keeping that a secret from mom was so much fun. Keeping any secret from mom was an accomplishment worthy of high praise.

I remember slugging Santa Claus when he made you cry at Macy’s. No one makes my brother cry, which I haven’t out grown apparently because I still want to punch Elle’s lights out. Yeah I know, you know I’d rather kill her for hurting you, but I let her live because you asked me to.

Trick or Treating as Superman and Batman was great too except when I tripped on my cape and fell down the steps. You were the only one who didn’t laugh at me, and you helped me find my glasses. When you shared your candy with me because mine ended up on the floor I knew I had the best brother of all time.

There are so many times in my childhood when I pretended I had a twin, and I love putting you into those memories now. For me, the longer we are together, the more real they become. If we can come from alternate timelines and be together now, there’s no reason we can’t say we did those things growing up.

But hands down, little brother, I am a much better driver than you. I can’t believe you failed your driving test. I do need to teach you to drive. I’ll do that when we’re on our road trip this month. Yes, I’ll let you drive the Mustang. I trust you with her as I trust you with my heart and soul.

It used to bother me that you call me ‘Brother’ instead of Sylar, but I think I understand that now. A brother is something we both wanted more than anything, and that makes it a precious thing. I also think you say it the way Westley told Buttercup, ‘as you wish’.

Esme is doing something she shouldn’t, so I’m going to send this now. I hope you remember to check your email at the Shop. I know how you get when you’re working too hard.

As you wish, little brother, as you wish.


For [ profile] graylikeme

The Letter Blog
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Character: Sylar and Gabriel
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 1080
Rating: R lots of violence and gore
Notes: AU future 'verse where Gabriel and Sylar both exist.
I posted this before as part of a shared fic that never happened.
Prompt: Dr. Ian Malcolm: The lack of humility before nature that's being displayed here, uh... staggers me. for [ profile] scifi_muses

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“I don’t understand, Gabe!” I hate this. She fucked him over, and he won’t let me kill her. “She cheated on you! That bitch broke your heart.” Broke mine too, ripped it out and left it steaming on my living room floor next to Trevor’s corpse. “We should hunt Elle down and kill her.”

“We can’t.” His lips pull back from his teeth in a snarl that nearly matches the one I’m wearing. “I loved her.”

“Loved her. You don’t love her now. It’s been months. She’s screwed with us again, and you’re still forbidding me from killing that bitch.”

Drabble Master List
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She was at the door. Her insipid little voice grated on my nerves, while she cooed and fawned over Gabriel.

“Gabe, I missed you last night!” I gritted my teeth while Elle threw her arms around his neck and peppered his face with kisses. “Did you miss me? Of course you did.”

Gabriel looked at me over her shoulder, and I could see the regret in his eyes that she’d interrupted us. I it isn’t every night that your brother tries to kill you after all, and it’s not every morning that you realize you are in love with him.

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I stretched across Gabriel’s body, adjusting the cuffs and making sure his arms where held tight. He almost growled when my leather clad thigh brushed against his naked skin. With a smile I traced my hand down his chest, applying just enough telekinesis to leave four long scratches that quickly filled with blood before healing. Dipping my face down I lapped first one line and then the other before kissing him hard.

“Not sure if I want your legs free or not…” I said with a smirk as I licked his blood off my lips. “What do you think, brother?”

Drabble Master List
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You are amazing

Your favorite book

and all my love, forever and ever.
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If absolute power corrupts absolutely, what does it mean that I am corrupting the people I love most in this world? Every day Gabriel becomes more and more like me. He’s killed at my side, after I’d spent months trying to keep him from falling into the abyss with me. I wouldn’t have it any other way now. He’s stronger, and I don’t have to worry about him the way I used to. But his innocence is gone.

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My life was easier when I was hated and feared.

Being loved is so complicated.
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The thing was an abomination, an aberration, an affront to all that I had become. It mocked my power. It mocked me. It consorted with puppets and more than likely slept with a tin foil hat to prevent alien anal probes, or perhaps to encourage them? It needed to be put down. Ripped apart by hands, teeth and claws until it’s nothing but hamburger. It wears my face. I can’t wait to tear it off and feed it to him.

My hands are shaking as I send for Gabriel. I want my brother’s help with this hunt. The two of us, running like wolves to bring down the short bus version of us. The thought of it makes my blood sing, and the hunger purrs knowing that I’m going to let it out very soon.

“Gabriel, brother, it’s time for us to hunt.” I port to the shop. I know that Gabriel will be there. It’s our haven, where we go when one of us is hurt or pissed off. I know he wants to kill as much as I do. The thought of dipping my fingers into the Short Bus Sylar’s brain has me smiling as I appear.
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He almost killed me. One minute I’m trying to explain how our ability works, and the next he’s hit me in the back of the head with a coffee mug. The irony of that wasn’t lost as my forehead smashed into the kitchen cabinet, and I went down my chin snapping on the counter on the way to the floor. My mouth was filled with blood, and Gabriel was on top of me. He hit me again, harder this time, and I blacked out.

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