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Sgt. Karrin Murphy is a character from the Dresden Files. She is RP'd on twitter @sgtkarrinmurphy

It’s like a nightmare. Murphy took me to the crime scene where they found the first victims. I was still shaky from recalling what the Other had done to her in the car, but I’d offered to help her to make up for hurting her. It was an abandoned shop. Murphy got rid of the uniforms watching the place, and we slipped under the yellow police tape. It stank of old blood and death. The linoleum was covered in graying puddles of old blood, and there was no question of where the bodies had been.

I tried to pick up impressions of the scene. I could watch from his POV as he slaughtered one of the children, but Murphy needed to see his face. There was no surveillance left in the place, but the tried and true corner mirror was still in place. The mirror came off the wall easily for me. I dusted the cobwebs off the pitted surface and touched it calling on the power I’d taken from Bridget.

He butchered them, stuffing his face with raw meat from their cooling bodies. He licked the blood from his lips while shoving left over chunks into plastic garbage bags. His hair was almost white blond, and his eyes were so blue they glowed. I couldn’t stop watching as he slaughtered each of them. Murphy had to tear my hands away from the mirror. I lost my lunch. It was so brutal. Worse than anything I ever did. He was actually eating them.

Murphy took me back to her place. We drank most of a bottle of Scotch. Well she did. I drank mostly water and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up I could still taste the blood in my mouth. Had to brush my teeth twice to get it to go away.

I found Murphy in her at-home command center. Apparently she’d taken time off from the Chicago PD to work on the case since the FBI was running all over it. She also needs to keep me under the radar. Angela took care of any warrants on me, but there could still be trigger happy cops out there who don’t know.

She had everything, files on the victims including profiles, and was getting ready to make a murder board with map. She went to get us coffee and handed me the list of victims on her way out. I read over it quickly, memorizing the names, and went to get my laptop. I knew I’d seen some of those names before. They were in the Company records. Not all of them.

He’s killing specials. He’s eating their flesh. He’s one of us. He’s like me.

He’s not in the database. His face doesn’t come up. Who the hell is he, and is this what I’ll become with time?
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