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Where did the days go?

He’d been in control for so long. It wasn’t like it used to be. I couldn’t watch from the cage in my mind. There were only glimpses when he bothered to remember I existed. The rest of the time I was just caught in a long dreamless sleep.

I felt like so much less than I’d been before. Sylar had stolen more of my life from me, my essence and my soul. Why couldn’t it have been me that Angela gave the pocket watch to? Did she even know she was telling that murdering bastard that she counted him as her son? I doubted it. I’m sure she thought he was me.

And if she didn’t, I didn’t care. I hated him. Want my life back. I’m sure he’s laughing at me from the dark corner of my mind where he sits like a poisonous spider waiting to break free to devour anyone in his way.

This Claire looks at me, her eyes full of pity. My Claire is with Noah on the other side of the country. It would be so simple for me to solve my problem. I could just kill him. Snap his neck with a flick of my fingers. Boil his blood with the heat of the sun while his eyes sizzle and pop like overripe fruit. The thought makes me smile.

Sylar loves this dark girl from the future. I can feel it at the edges of my awareness when I look at her. Should I share his feelings for her when I know my sweet girl is being ruined by the foul love of her father? I need to save Claire.

I need to kill Noah Bennet.

I know I promised her that I wouldn’t hurt him, but what choice do I have? It’s the only way for me to be Prince Charming.


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