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The cosmic balance once again slapped me in the back of the head. I played a game of epic proportions, doing all I could to make things come out the way they should. My deal with the other Sylar needed to be fulfilled, and it wasn’t as if Mohinder had been nice to me. I think if he had shown one bit of kindness that I might not have given him over to the other.

As for the Other, he fascinated me. I wanted badly to see how our mind works. Wanted to watch him hurt Mohinder and to feel what he felt while he did it. I told him too. Expressing my curiosity and my need to experience the pain and suffering of his little pet. He balked at first. Insulting me and bristling that I would dare to get in his way. I wasn’t surprised. I would have reacted the same way.

I let him into the Company, taking him down to the cell where I’d hidden Mohinder. He was far away from the other prisoners on Level 5. The Other was thrilled that no one would hear Mohinder’s screams. I was happy he was happy. It didn’t take him long. The Other didn’t want me there. He wanted to be alone with his love. He grabbed Mohinder and teleported out of the cell to God knows where.

I knew he’d do it, because underneath it all Sylar is still Gabriel Gray, and the little watchmaker is too shy to be watched like that. My own panic when Bennet suggested that Peter join us in bed was the key. The Other would react the same way about my intrusion.

Now Mohinder is out there somewhere, and I couldn’t be happier. He’s away from Angela’s plotting and planning. I’d send out a Company wide memo about his release, but most didn’t know he was there. Those that do have been told that I let him go since we shouldn’t have taken him to begin with.

Claude and I have decided that it’s time for Angela to retire. We have no intension of turning the Company back over to her. After the way she treated me on her miraculous recovery, I feel no remorse for cutting her off. I’ll be just like her other sons, the ones who avoid her because she’s poisonous. Even Nathan thinks she’s dangerous, and he’s always been her favorite.

My victory dinner was ruined when Lyle Bennet showed up. I thought the little shit was in California with his brain damaged mother and pedophile father, but apparently my Bennet brought him here. I love her, but I can’t have Noah Bennet’s child in my house. It would only be a matter of time before Noah came looking for him and accused me of harming Lyle. He’s a belligerent sociopath just like his father, and I wanted him gone.

Bennet left with him, and I brooded alone while I made it rain. I left the engagement ring I bought for her in a puddle on the table. That boy is not her family. He’s Claire’s brother not hers. Why she needs to be involved with him I do not know. I’m her family, and she’s mine. Doesn’t she understand that?

Child Protective Services has been contacted about Lyle Bennet. I listed all of the atrocities of the Bennet house for them from Noah molesting Claire to Lyle shooting his mother. Murphy had a friend of a friend who made sure the report got to the right people. The State can take care of Lyle Bennet now.

I tried sleeping but gave up after tossing and turning for hours. I’m not used to sleeping without Bennet besides me. There are bad things lurking in New York City that late at night. It was a good thing I’m a bigger monster than they are. It’s just a shame none of them were specials. That would have been a nice bonus.

This morning I woke up in my old apartment on top of the Gray & Sons. At least I remember getting here. No blackouts or lost time. I’m still me. I’m still Sylar.
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