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Usually I'm plotting my next murder. It takes a lot of preparation to go from one Podunk town to the next to find someone with that certain something that makes them special. Texas was the worst though. Christ if it wasn't for the pancakes at the Burnt Toast Diner, I'd nuke the entire state, and be doing the world a favor. 
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How funny. I just finished writing a fic where my watch gets broken. I spent 7 years refurbishing the Sylar. The case is modern, but the works are from 1917. It took me a long time to find all the works I needed to get it running again. It was my masterpiece. 

But one smack against the side of Chandra's cab too many, and it broke. The crystal fractured, and the watch stopped running at 11:53pm. That was when I shed the persona of Gabriel Gray. It was Sylar who stepped out of that bright yellow cab into the pouring rain. You might say it was my birthday. 
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I'd like to build a bridge. Something beautiful and memorable like the Golden Gate. Being me, I'd like to include a nice clocktower in it like Big Ben, but I might be going a little overboard at that point. Better to make it two projects - a bridge and a clocktower. 
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There was this cheerleader in Texas. She had something I wanted more than anything. I didn't care who I hurt to get to her, but I blew it the first time. Her uncle got in my way, and then her father's employers captured me. That was fun times let me tell you when they tortured me to try to figure out how I could take someone else's abilities. 

Funny how they never feel the need to do that to fucking Peter. Guess it helps to have family ties. 

I did get her eventually after a particularly bad time in Mexico and the road trip from hell. She was home alone, and I had so much fun terrorizing her throughout the house, hiding in the shadows, moving silently from room to room. Then I finally got to cut her empty little head open and take what I wanted. 

I'll live forever now.

Thanks Claire
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Fuck you NBC. 
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I'd have to say Aeryn Sun from Farscape. She was a take no prisoners warrior woman. I have to agree with Wash about that. I like my women to be tough, capable with a fully functioning brain. If they can kick the shit out of someone so much the better. Aeryn didn't take any of John Crichton's crap, so I know she wouldn't take any of mine.

She also looked fucking hot in leather.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Don't listen to Mom she's crazy.
Run away from home first chance you get.
You are special no matter what they say.
Darth Vader isn't half bad as fathers go. 
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Cruel Intentions followed by Heathers. 

Now there's a crossover SMG's Kathryn and Christian Slater's Jason... 


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