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Sylar: There was no real plan. I found the name on the list. He lived in Brooklyn. Not too far for me to go. The need to kill was eating me alive. I couldn't drink. Talking to god got me nowhere. The loneliness hurt. If I was careful, no one would know. I knew how to be careful.

Claire: I was going to fucking kill Hiro. Gabriel didn't live where he should be in this line. I was lost and had no clue where to go. I needed to find him. I hadn't known at the time.I hadn't known how much the kiss had meant to him. I hadn't known he would kill so many.

Sylar: He was a round little man who ran a used bookstore. The bells chimed as i walked in. It was almost closing time, but I didn't mind. The sound of his grandfather clock brought a smile to my face. It was almost like coming home. "I'm looking for a first edition Tolkien." He stared at me through his dirty glasses, then reached under the counter. I jumped over it before he could stand back up, pinning him down.

Claire: Just to get out of the drizzle I pop into this little bookstore. No real reason to it, I just felt miserable. I didn't want to fail.. again.

Sylar: It was a tight space back there, filled with paper dust and mildew. "This really is like coming home for me. Now hold still." I raised my hand, but I can't cut. No, then they'd know. Instead I hold him in place and put my hand on the back of his skull, drinking in his fear. It tastes good, almost as good as the blood did when it splattered on my lips. His power, I can feel how it works in his brain. I copy it.

Claire: The clerk was no where to be seen. "Great." I rub my bare arms when I hear a frightened gasp. "Hello?"

Sylar: Eyes closed while I rewire my brain, making sure I don't lose anything while I take. He whimpers. I cut off his air supply.

Claire: I walk up to the counter and look over, "Fuck! Gabriel!" I vault over the counter more surprised then relieved to have found him. "Gabriel stop!" I yell as I aim a kick to get him away from the guy.

Sylar: Claire's voice. How funny to hear her now. The man chokes, struggling to live. Then a foot slams into the back of my head.

Claire: I hop over the man and get between him and Gabriel. "You don't want to do this! Think. Breathe. Listen to my voice."

Sylar: With a wave of my hand, I send her across the shop. I leave the fat man on the ground. "Time enough for you later. Who the hell are you?" The new ability clicks into place, but it's nothing that'll hurt anyone. Shame that. "Lunch?"

Claire: I slam into the wall across the shop taking several bookcases with me. "Surely you haven't forgotten already." I say as I get up and race towards him too fast for him to see me. "Thank you Daphne." I say, not wanting to him him. "That almost hurt."

Sylar: She's fast. A blur of black leather and dark hair. I don't care. It means she's special. It means she has something I don't.

Claire: He moves super slow, at least while I'm running he is. I try and get the shop owner out, but I'm still just a buck ten.

Sylar: I send a ball of lightning at her. I don't know if I singed a hair on her head. She's too fucking fast. "You should have taken me out first instead of trying to save him." I send more blue bolts at her in a wide spray.

Claire: I take a few bolts to the back and stand back up, my shirt ruined, bra too. "Damn it. My only clothes..." I run around behind him smelling burnt hair. I sweep his feet out from under him, I really didn't want to hurt him. "Elle tried that and ended up in the hospital for months."

Sylar: She's too fast. Knocks me down. Hard. I need more offensive powers. No more booksellers with photographic memories. I spread my hands pick up mountains of books, send them crashing against her like bricks. "That'll slow you down, bitch."

Claire: Pages scatter as I collide with the books. Blood mixes as I get thousands of paper cuts. If I could feel pain, I would be so pissed. "You drew first blood." I circle the store cyclone-ing the loose papers and then sweep his feet once again.

Sylar: "Set your hair on fire, thing that counts first don't you." I hit the floor again. Busting my nose on the industrial carpet.

Claire: I sigh, "Gabriel it's me. I don't want to hurt you." Damn it. I run to his side. "Are you ok?"

Sylar: "Sucker." My hand wraps around her ankle, while I use my power to bind them tight. "No more running. Time to die."

Claire: I stumble, not able to move my feet. Reacting too fast for him to see I draw my gun and shoot him in the leg before he has a chance to finish the word, 'die.'

Sylar: I'm laughing so hard, tears run into my eyes. "My leg. You shoot me in the leg!" I squeeze the barrel of the gun with my mind, making it useless. I get up slowly, finally taking a look at the dark haired pain in my ass. "Claire?"

Claire: My faces flames when he starts laughing. I should have shot him in the head. "I didn't want to hurt you. Not anymore."

Sylar: "Didn't want to hurt me!" I pace in a circle around her. "Then why are you here? I don't want to see you. I hate you."

Claire: You don't hate me, you hate that blonde teeny-bopper who doesn't realize what she fucked up.

Sylar: She's different. The speed. "Did Peter teach you that? Family trait to steal power after all." I lick the corner of her mouth.

Claire: I haven't moved since he got up and it takes all I have not to devour his mouth, but I know I'm not talking to my Gabriel not yet, "Family? trait? No." I think of Peter. The man I'd forsaken Gabriel for. It was Noah in this line. Sick.

Sylar: "When are you from?" I'm not stupid." I can see you're older. Not any wiser who are you?" I touch her face, finger along her lips then down her throat. "I already have the healing, but that speed. I want that. More than I ever wanted you."

Claire: I can't help but lower my eyes from his. His words stabbing into me, "I'm your Claire, or was... 2025..." My hand comes up over his, which is on my neck.

Sylar: "I don't have a Claire. You picked Noah. That disgusting piece of shit. Your father. You'd rather fuck him than touch me."

Claire: I tried not to look sick, but the thought of Noah Bennet, my biological father touching me in such a way. I think of Peter instead and answer truthfully. "You called me 'sister.' I didn't know your feelings had changed so much when you kissed me. I couldn't have known for sure that you wouldn't think it a mistake the next day..."

Sylar: "And it was better to stay with him? Peter, Noah?" I wanted to strangle her. Pop her head off. I reached for her, but my hands wouldn't move. Tears of rage were streaming down my face. "I didn't know either. I don't know now. I'm lost."

Claire: I look up into his eyes as I hear his tear-filled words. My eyes tear up too. I bring my hands up, slowly to his neck "I lived sixteen years with a wrong choice... I watched you disintegrate into a thing, a mindless thing all because I didn't know what you meant when you called me your anchor, when you kissed me. I'm trying to correct my mistake."

Sylar: "It's been three days, Claire. Three days. I don't know who I am anymore." I let her touch me. "Loved you. I'm scared."

Claire: My hand slides from his neck to over his beating heart, "I'm your anchor. Listen to my voice and remember."

Sylar: "I tried. I tried to be good. Didn't want to hurt. Didn't want to feel." I rest my head on her shoulder. "Can't get drunk."

Claire: I pull him fully into my arms. I nuzzle his neck. His smell is so distant in my memories, but this isn't a memory. "You were the only one who could ever make me feel..."

Sylar: "Take me home, please Claire, take me home." I couldn't stop crying. I kissed her through tears. "Please love me."
Claire: This was my Gabriel, he was mine once more. I kiss his tears as I hold him close to me. "You don't have to ask me to."

Sylar: I just nod. Words are too hard to form. The hunger is gone, replaced slowly by my tattered sanity. We leave the shop and its owner behind. Claire stopped me from killing him. I hadn't become a murderer again. "We can get a cab to Manhattan."

Claire: I was shaking now. The reality was catching up with me. "I can't believe I found you in time... I..." My hand on his arm was shaking I could clutch it. "I almost lost you again..."

Sylar: I resist the urge to ask her what makes her think she has saved me. Too tired to pick a fight. I tell the cab driver my address, and we settle in for the ride. It feels good to have her next to me. She's so very different. Strong, Brave. A hero.

Claire: I can't stop staring at him. He's the same man, but so different. I look into his eyes and frown, "I know I am not the exact same Claire, but I do love you just as much as she will one day." Perhaps now was not the best time, but I needed him to know that the other Claire was still here, still real and not completely at fault. I can't have him hate her.

Sylar: I let out a snort, and turn to look out the window at the dark city. The streets are nearly empty, like my soul. "I don't care what she does. Someday I'm going to laugh and tell her I told you so." So I'm mean. Big surprise to no one. The cab pulls up in front of my building. The doorman glances at us. He thinks I'm drunk and picked up some bimbo. Whatever.

Claire: His words should hurt, but they only make me angry... At myself. I should have known it wouldn't so easy. He'd been very "So I was naive? So I didn't realize what it meant to be your anchor. I was ignorant. She was ignorant..."

Sylar: "It doesn't matter. Not anymore." We get into my loft. I'm so tired I want to puke. Don't remember when I ate or slept last.

Claire: I'm too angry at his blasé words to care when I push him down on the couch. "You're being childish Gabriel Petrelli!"

Sylar: "Petrelli?" I push her hands away. "Stop that. Gray. My last name is Gray. That Petrelli thing was a lie Angela used on me to make me her little pet." I frowned, looking at the brown blood stain on my wall from my hand. "She loves me though."

Claire: I back away from him, he obviously didn't want me touching him. "You aren't a Petrelli? Gray.." I look down, "Sorry, glad I clear my throat, "I'm glad Angela loved you then." I wrap my arms around myself. I feel lost. The changes are small but they seem to big compared to my past memories.

Sylar: "That's what I really went to California to tell you." I rub at my face. I need to shave, badly. My stomach growls. "She caught the blackmailer. She told me she counts me as her son. I was so happy. I wanted to share that with you."

Claire: "Then I should have been happy for you..." I pause lowering my eyes, "In my line Gabriel, we were good friends and I was a love-sick fool for Peter. I was an idiot for not realizing my feelings for you." I turn to see the view from his windows.

Sylar: "So you were with Peter not Noah." I repeat the information now that I'm somewhat sane. "It's not your fault. I didn't realize how I felt about you until it was too late." I get up and trod into the kitchen. "Never told you and when I did. It didn't matter." Fridge was devoid of edible food. "Furry strawberry?"

Claire: I wrinkle my nose, "I should have known..." I say low, then louder. "No rotten fruit for me, thanks." She should never have chosen Noah. Peter's one thing, but her adoptive parent? Over Gabriel? Bitch. I hated this Claire.

Sylar: "I'd offer you the Chinese, but it smells worse than I do." I shut the door and headed for my bed. "How long, Claire? Sixteen years?” I said, my hands are shaking, so I let her help me into bed. “So you’re older than me now, huh?”

Claire: “I guess I am,” Claire said, as she sat down next to me. “How long have you been awake? And who am I talking to?”

Sylar: “I don’t remember the last time I slept.” I placed my hand over hers, smiling a bit when she didn’t pull away. “And I’m Sylar. You’re talking to Sylar.”

Claire: “Good, you’re always reasonable.” I pulled the blanket up over him after getting up. “I’m going to take a shower. You go to sleep.” I picked at the ruins of my clothes. “And I’m going to borrow something of yours to wear.”

Sylar: “Will you be here when I wake up?” I was afraid to sleep. Afraid that I’d lose control again. “I don’t want to be alone.”

Claire: “You never do.” I paused, hand in his dresser drawer taking out a shirt of his. “You didn’t kill, Sylar. That’s what matters.”

Sylar: “But I wanted to. The hunger was in control.”

Claire: “Well it’s not now. You are. So go to sleep. You’ll still be you when you wake up.” I padded across the floor and leaned over him on the bed, tapped him on the end of his nose. I would have rather kissed him, but it was too soon. Bridges needed to be rebuilt between us. “Or I’ll just have to kick your ass again.”

Sylar: I listened to the water hitting the shower walls and let it lull me to sleep. Hopefully I would still be me when I woke up. Problem was, I really did like that speed power of hers, but there are other ways to get it.


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