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They’re asleep, curled together in my bed. I tried to rest, but I’m too agitated to let my eyes close. He came from the future, and that means he can come back from there again. I’ve got too much pent up energy and rage. I also feel like a complete idiot for not realizing what was happening sooner. My lack of faith in myself was the chink in my armor that he needed. He played me better than I’ve ever played anyone.

With Peter’s soft snores filling the air, I slipped out of bed and grabbed my laptop. Out on the terrace, I’m waiting for dawn to come over the horizon and typing away. I’m frightened for them. It’s times like this I miss being the lone wolf, but it looks like I have a pack now.

I feel better out here in the fresh air, more able to get my thoughts in order, feel only what I’m feeling. But before I analyze that, I need to write down what I think happened to me and mine.

He’d been watching us for at least a week, while we slept, while we made love, while we laughed and played. He spied on me at the Company, learning my routine, finding out all my secrets. He had all of my powers – including the ones I lost when they infected me with the Shanti virus. On top of that he’d killed the Parkman, Molly and Nakamura from his reality, and so many more I can’t count. I didn’t stand a chance against him.

For clarity’s sake, I’m going to call him Two. He’d done his job well, causing chaos around the Company. He let Linderman and Danko out of their cells. Those escapes had us all running around trying to figure out who the traitor was. Then he fed a special with teleportation to Kenneth Green allowing the Butcher to escape containment.

Parkman scanned Claude and me to clear us. Parkman’s moved back to New York to protect Molly from Danko who came after her. Every employee is being scanned by him to look for the traitor. I need to put a stop to that, since the betrayer was Two.

I was having blackouts. I thought I was losing my mind again, that the DID was back and I’d splintered. But they weren’t blackouts. Two was visiting me; prying into my memories and chatting with me, then making me forget he’d been there. I went to Green’s empty cell to see what happened there, and Two took me. He shut off the blood to my brain and locked me in a cell deeper underground than Level 5.

Two locked me in my memories, leaving me back in Queens at the shop and with my mother. In my head it was ten years ago, and I was trying to get my mother to go on vacation, to give up on my deadbeat father. It was an almost seamless illusion, but once in awhile a glitch happened, something that didn’t belong that made me think I was going crazy in there too. The spectre of my mother kept trying to get me to see a doctor about the problems. If it hadn’t terrified me so much, it might be funny.

In my fantasy Angela came and brought me the watch, the same watch she gave me when I took her on the town. The watch engraved with Gabriel Petrelli’s name, and it needed to be fixed. Then there were visions of Bennet popping in too like a dark ghost.

But I couldn’t fight him. I thought I was insane.

On the outside, in the real world, Two was playing a game with the person I love the most. He let Green out, so he could hurt Bennet. That monster nearly killed her, tearing her apart in public and terrifying her with his brutality. Peter was with her, and he wasn’t able to catch Green or help Bennet. Instead he came back to the Company to get Two to help him save her. Two slowed them down, made sure that Green had time to hurt her.

Then the next day Two went after Peter, telling him how useless he was and destroying the friendship that we’d forged. He needed Peter to hate him, to avoid him to keep him from catching on. He kept Bennet at home, away from everyone too.

I’m not the nicest guy, unless I care about you, so not too many people noticed the difference between Two and me.

Two hated Bennet enough to come through time to hurt her. His interest in me… God I can’t write down the things he wanted to do to me here. He didn’t want to kill me. He wanted me to be the little brother he never had, make me a killer again and make me his toy in everyway possible.

He went to the penthouse to break Bennet. Nearly forcing himself on her and then stopping at the last minute to reject her. He packed her bag and told her to get out. She was still traumatized by Butcher and still didn’t know he wasn’t me. It wasn’t until he started to freeze her that she knew it wasn’t me. I don’t have that power anymore.

Two brought her to my cell and left her there with me. That was his mistake. Bennet and I are bonded. I don’t know how it happened, but with my empathy we can hear each other’s thoughts. She was there with me, and my beautiful girl yanked me away from the fake Queens back to the present. We were still trapped, but at least we were together.

Bennet told me about Two, that I wasn’t crazy, and it wasn’t one of my alters taking my place. Two came back while we were trying to break free, and she begged for my life. He cut into her head again, found the pain centers in her brain that had stopped working and fixed them. She was still half frozen solid and the pain made her scream in agony. Her cries gave me more to cling to, and I finally broke out of the mind trap.

He knew I was free and started beating me. Two kept cutting off my brain’s blood, so couldn’t use my powers. Desperation made me scream in my head for Peter to save Bennet. If she could feel me, I prayed that he could to. By a miracle he did. Peter came, and the two of us took Two down.

We came back to the penthouse after locking up the pieces of Two’s body. His head is in a jar and his body in the morgue where he can’t regenerate.

The goofy kid saved us both, hell he probably saved us all. Kid, he’s nearly the same age as I am, but he’s not jaded like I am, not bitter and broken inside. I know Bennet loves me. She loves Peter too. I think I do too.
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