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We’re in danger from a threat from the past. A man who should be dead is back among us because of that idiot Hiro Nakamura. Once again he abused his power and went into the past changing our present and future. I don’t know the actual reasons behind it. I’m in no mood to discuss with Alice Shaw why she went off on her own instead of waiting for Angela or me. Why she felt the need to come home bleeding and near death instead of flying to me on the wind where I could heal her.

Somehow Hiro caught wind of her need. Don’t ask me to explain it. I have never understood how his little mind works. It’s like a hamster running in one of those little plastic balls. He bumps into things along the way, and then instead of going around them he pops back in time to take the obstruction out of his way. Our time line is so polluted by his actions that none of us are who we were meant to be anymore.

Time travel – still of my list of powers I’d like to have. Right up there with mind reading, feeling everyone’s emotions is bad enough without hearing their thoughts.

Linderman asked for a meeting. He used to be very high up in the Company, one of the original members, and a friend to my mother, Angela, not my real mother although he probably did know her. (I need to write about my real mother soon, but I’m not quite ready to deal with those revelations. I also need to make sure my father wasn’t misinformed before I say anything public about it.)

The first thing the crazy old man does is grab my head to try to heal me. I do not like being touched. I sure as hell do not like having someone I don’t know messing around in my head. He kept going on and on about wanting to heal me and make me whole. He wouldn’t listen to me when I told him if it was a physical problem I’d have healed it already. He was pushy. He was nearly manic about it. He wouldn’t listen. I had to push him across the room.

He kept insisting they’d broken me on purpose. That they’d fucked with my mind along the way. Then he made the mistake of bad mouthing Angela. Yes she’s a conniving bitch, but she’s my conniving bitch. I love her. I argued back with him, pointing out the flaws in his logic. Believe me there were holes you could drive a Mac truck through.

Then he tells me something that made me see red. The Hunger almost took control. He told me that Angela was in hiding because she knows I’m Sylar, and she’s afraid of me. I would never hurt Angela. Ever. She knows who and what I am, and she loves me anyway.

I will kill Daniel Linderman. It might take some time since Hiro snatched him back into the past. But sooner or later, Linderman will be eating his own entrails with a nice Chianti.


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