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So many games; so little time

I went with Agent Booth and Claude to the site where REBEL said that Mohinder was taken. The two of them went to root around the building while I touched a few things looking for memories of what happened. When it touched the mailbox, I saw it all. Saw the needle being jabbed into Mohinder’s neck and saw the face of his kidnapper.

It was my face. There is another Sylar. I shouldn’t be surprised. There are two Claires and two Noahs swimming about my reality. Each time Nakamura or Peter plays fast and loose with the time stream they alter our reality causing more ripples on the pond. Everything we do effects the world around us, and when you go into the past you cause ruptures that can’t ever be repaired.

This other Sylar could be from any of a thousand realities. I had no idea what his powers might be. Was he insane? Did he blow up New York? Was he a Petrelli? Did he like donuts? Not knowing what he was capable of sent me down a dark path.

I lied to Claude and Booth. Told them I couldn’t see the tall man’s face. How could I tell either of them that there’s another me out there? When we got back to the Company I excused myself to think. The answer came quickly, but I had to weight the repercussions. I needed more abilities, and I needed them now. So I went down to level 5, and I went to Kenneth Green’s cell.

Green is like me, a serial killer who absorbs other’s abilities. Only unlike me he eats them to gain their powers. I don’t know if he really needs to eat them or if he just thinks he does. I do know he hurt me more than anyone else ever has with the powers he’s taken. Powers that were about to become mine.

He’s being kept drugged to the gills, so he didn’t struggle as I pried open his skull. It’d have used the empathy, but I was afraid of inheriting his insanity. I’ve only been sane and whole a short time, and didn’t want to jeopardize it. I’ve quite enjoyed being only one person.

The blood was everywhere, and I can’t blame the other part of me for enjoying it because I did. I admit it. I miss the feel of it on my fingers. I miss rooting around in someone’s skull and finding that part of them that makes them special and taking it for myself. I miss playing God and holding someone’s life in my hand.

Bennet found me in the cell. She pleaded with me not to do it. I tried to make her understand that it was my only hope of beating the other me. She said she got it, but I don’t know if she did. I could taste her fear.

It wasn’t hard to find the key to Kenneth’s treasure trove. I adjusted my own brain to match while I cleaned up. I wasn’t a complete monster; I healed him good as new on my way out.

Bennet and I went home, so I could wash away the rest of the blood. In the shower I finished changing my abilities, using the falling drops to focus my thoughts. I’d never taken so many at one time before, and I was feeling a little giddy. But above it all I could taste her fear and worry for me.

We made love on the couch. I needed her and wanted her. I had to make sure she knew that I wasn’t leaving her. I also wanted to go into this battle with her taste on my tongue. If he killed me, I wanted to die with her touch being the last happy thing I experienced.

Molly said he was in Queens, so I went to hunt for him, leaving Bennet to rescue Lyle. The wind brought me something of Mohinder’s, a pair of sunglasses, and I used them to find him. The other Sylar had him in a warehouse, and was bleeding him for some reason. He didn’t notice me until I stepped out into the open.

He was deadly. His eyes so black and cold that they gave me chills. Now I know what Molly’s bogyman looks like. He looks like me. We talked a bit, because all super villains have big mouths. Then I tested his powers by cutting him across the face. He healed, so much for my big hope that he hadn’t gotten to his Claire Bennet. He had the other powers the Shanti virus had taken from me too. It was a good thing I’d taken from Kenneth, I was going to need that diamond skin of his.

Then the Other proposed a compromise. Mohinder had run off like the sniveling coward he is. He’d let me take Mohinder and use him to save Angela, and when I was done I’d give him back to this other me. It seemed like a great plan.

I told Mohinder that I killed my counterpart, took him home and healed his injuries. He’s still being a prick. But I’ve got plenty of time to make him do what I want.


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